Who Owns Kia?

Sometimes those who invented it do not own it, but the new owner is also not the owner. Yeah, it is confusing, but this is the case with the ownership of KIA.
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Buying a car? Which one? You will come across such questions while buying a car. But what do you know about the car which you plan to purchase? KIA cars are a trend these days because of their sleek design and good performance. If you are from India and looking forward to purchasing a KIA car, get to know whether is KIA a good car. By the way, the name KIA is unfamiliar to many people out there. Do you know who owns KIA? Let’s begin and find it out.

1. What is KIA?

Founded in May 1944, KIA is the oldest motor vehicle manufacturer in Korea. Initially, the company was named Kyongsang Precision Industry which manufactured motorcycles and bicycles, but soon KIA motor corp. Engaged in the manufacturing and sale of motor vehicles, the name KIA is derived from the Sino-Korean word ki meaning to come out and stand for Asia. Roughly it is translated as rising out of Asia or coming up out of Asia. (Also read Where is Kia Made?)

2. Who Owns Kia?

In 1987, KIA entered the automobile industry in partnership with Ford. After that KIA started manufacturing cars in huge numbers and soon entered the automobile market in the United States. But in 1998 Hyundai acquired 51% of the shares in the company and outbid Ford Motor Company. Now, Hyundai Motor Company owns about 33.88% of a stake in KIA because of subsequent disinvestment. However, KIA is still a subsidiary company of its parent company Hyundai Motor Group. Continue reading to know more about KIA motors India. (See Who Owns Subaru?)

3. Are Hyundai and KIA Same Company?

No, they are not the same. It is just that Hyundai is the parent company of KIA. In 1997, KIA Motors filed for bankruptcy and Hyundai Motors purchased it to keep the company afloat. But this deal does not influence the brand philosophies of both motors.

4. Who is KIA Company Owner?

After 1998, KIA became a subsidiary company of Hyundai Motor Corporation. Even though the stake percentage of Hyundai in KIA Corporation has declined over the years, Hyundai Motor Company is considered the KIA company owner. Check out Who Owns the Chicago Bears?

5. Who Manages KIA Motors India?

On 30 September 2021, KIA India (KIN) announced that the role of Managing Director and CEO of KIA Motors India will be taken over by Tae-Jīn Park. He succeeded Kook Hyun Shim, MD and CEO of KIA India at that time for this position. The decision was effective from 4 October 2021. Mr. Park has been working as Executive Director and Chief Sales & Business Strategy Officer (CSBO) in KIA India since January 2020. 

6. When was KIA Manufacturing Plant in India Established?

KIA India signed a memorandum of association (MOA) with the State Government of Andhra Pradesh in India. The agreement was to build a new manufacturing plant in Anantapur District in 2017. Since then, the KIA manufacturing plant in India has launched 3 car models for the Indian market.

  • The Seltos
  • The Carnival
  • The Sonet

Who owns KIA in your family? The demand for KIA cars was increasing. KIA sold around 300,000 cars within 2 years of incorporation in India. The company became the youngest brand to become the 4th largest automobile manufacturer in India. Must see What is Blue Title Meaning in Cars?

7. Is KIA a Good Car?

JAN23 Who Owns Kia

Yes, KIA cars are a good choice. Their reliability is rated above average, and they are the 4th largest car manufacturer in the world. They offer the best new car warranties and a factory warranty that is almost double what other car manufacturers offer.

Besides that, here are some points that ensure KIA is a good car.

  • Bumper-to-bumper warranty: 5 years or 60,000 miles
  • Powertrain warranty: 10 years or 100,000 miles
  • Anti-perforation warranty: 5 years or 100, 000 miles
  • Roadside assistance plan: 5 years or 60,000 miles

Properly maintained KIA cars tend to run well for a decade and the most significant issues are covered under the warranty itself.

8. Which KIA Car is most Reliable?

Now that you know who is KIA company owner, let us move forward. As per the data of Motor1, the most reliable KIA car is the KIA Rio. It also requires the least repairs. Apart from the fact that some KIA models look identical, the annual repair costs of most KIA car models are less than other cars. Here is the list of KIA car models and the annual average repair cost you have to bear:

  • KIA Forte $451
  • KIA K900 $697
  • KIA Optima $471
  • KIA Rio $434
  • KIA Sedona $495
  • KIA Sorento $533
  • KIA Soul $437
  • KIA Sportage $462

NOTE: The amount mentioned here is solely based on the average results of the survey. They can differ from place to place and model to model.

An extended warranty on the car may help in covering the cost of unexpected repairs. After the initial warranty period ends, the cost to repair and breakdowns of cars will be covered with an extended warranty. Third-party providers also offer extended warranty coverage. Did you notice that Hyundai is the one who owns KIA? (Also read What is a ricer car?)

9. Which is the most Reliable KIA Car in India?

KIA cars are considered reliable due to their features, performance, after-sales services, etc. But if you are looking for a reliable car in India, here is a list of fuel-efficient KIA cars.

Model Name Fuel type Fuel tank capacity Mileage Driving range Engine Transmission
Sonet Petrol and Diesel 45 liters 18.2 to 24.1 kilometers/liter 823.5 kilometers 998-1493 cc Manual/automatic
Carens Petrol and Diesel 45 liters 15.7 to 21.3 kilometers/liter 729 kilometers 1353-1497 cc Manual/automatic
Seltos Petrol and Diesel 50 liters 16.1 to 21 kilometers/liter 805 kilometers 1353-1497 cc Manual/automatic
Carnival Diesel 60 liters 12.02 kilometers/liter 834 kilometers 2199 cc Automatic (TC)

So, who owns KIA? This question holds two answers 1 is Hyundai and obviously the other is the person who owns KIA. Is KIA a good car? As for the answer to this question, you read how and why KIA is considered reliable in the automobile market. But is KIA a good car according to you?  (Also read Who Owns Porsche?)

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