What is Blue Title Meaning in Cars?

What is a Title? What does the Blue Title mean? What does Rebuilt Blue Title mean? How to get Blue Titles in Texas?

The salvage vehicle title, which is obtained from the blue paper, is referred to as the blue title. It has a crisp title and is printed in green or pink. Each state’s register or motor vehicle department is different from that of another state. The printed book contains a lot of variations. There are different types of titles and today we would see the blue title meaning, facts related to blue title vs clean title, and many more interesting stuffs. Let us also discuss the Texas blue title meaning further in this article.

1. What is the Blue Title Meaning?

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The color of the paper on which the car title is printed is blue. It displays the property where you reside. Many States employ blue titles, which are titles for salvaged vehicles. It demonstrates that an accident involving fire or water occurred with the car. The car cannot be operated and driven in this circumstance. (See Is It Difficult to Get Operator License Indiana?)

2. What is the Texas Blue Title Meaning?

In Texas, you are expected to obtain the rights immediately if you wish to purchase a vehicle. To own a vehicle, you must first register all of your information and clear it with the appropriate authorities. However, the car would also be yours if the title didn’t belong to you. In Texas, the blue title meaning is that your car is in a good condition since there are no insurance-related complaints registered against it and the rider, and no serious accidents have been faced, and hence given a clear title which signifies a green signal for the rider.

Most of the time, driving a car on a public road is safe. The titles provided to repaired salvaged vehicles are the same ones that are present on new vehicles. So as long as you have a Texas blue title, everything will be fine. 

3. How to get a Title in Texas?

You must first transfer the ownership of the automobile that is yours before purchasing any second-hand car. The previous owner would transfer ownership to your name. Here, you may verify the vehicle’s condition by looking up the title. The Texas DMV will provide comprehensive information regarding the transfer of title from one individual to another. You would receive a few DMV visits from them. (See Consumer Protection Laws and Regulations USA)

4. Are there Other Titles as well?

The blue title meaning was very simple to understand, however, there are other color titles as well.

  • Brown – Duplicate one issued when the original blue is lost.
  • Purple – It is issued if the car has been under accident, flood, or fire.
  • Orange – It is a non-repairable title.

5. What is the Purpose of the Title?

The vehicles are considered real property. We are aware that ownership transfer requires a clear title. During the selling procedure, the title will be examined from top to bottom. Before ownership is changed, it is checked. A blue title must be obtained before swapping if you intend to sell the old car to someone. The actual purpose of the title is to establish proof of ownership of the vehicles, as it contains VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), Model number, and many more details. Check out How Do You Find A Driver’s License Number If You Lost Your Driver’s License?

6. How can You Compare Blue Title vs Clean Title?

A clean title means that the car is perfect and not salvaged. The blue title means that the car is salvaged and is at a total loss. The clean title might need some repairs and it would not cost more than the car is worth. The blue title refers to the car that has been wrecked and damaged to the point where the repair cost will be more than the car. 

7. How is a Clean Title different from a Clear Title?

The clear title states that the car is in perfect condition. There was always a chance that repairing might be necessary. The cost of repairs would exceed that of the vehicle. Clean titles are more readily available for the greatest prices due to flaws. With clean titles, warranties and motor insurance are also included.

We have learned about the blue title vs clean title however a car with a clear title has no debts or outstanding debts. Since there are no registered owners listed on the vehicle’s title, it is simpler to sell an automobile with a clear title. (See How do Toll Roads Work?

8. What is Rebuilt Blue Title Meaning?

To know about the rebuilt blue title meaning, we refer to vehicles with salvage titles that are given titles after being fixed and put back on the road. Since the title states are rebuilt, it can refer to anything and not just when a mechanic rebuilds a vehicle. Any vehicle that wishes to go from being a salvage to being rebuilt must undergo a state inspection and get approved as fully operational and safe to drive. 

9. How do Cars get Rebuilt Titles?

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Whenever it is inspected, it is rebuilt. With a repaired title, the cars are registered along with their license plates and put back on the road.

A car title is a legal document that is issued by the Secretary of State or the state’s DMV. The title indicates who the vehicle’s owner is and that they are in possession of details about the vehicle, including its model, history, and, if applicable, accident records. There are different colors of titles that all the states use. The same also happens in Texas. If you have a title, you must know what it means. (See How the invention of cars affected the economy?)

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