How Do You Find A Driver’s License Number If You Lost Your Driver’s License?

How to get my lost driving license number? Go to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Provide relevant details. They will let you know the driving license Number.
JAN23 How Do You Find A Driver’s License Number If You Lost Your Driver’s License?
  1. What is the Driving license number?

    It is the unique identity of every driver. One is issued with a temporary driving license number when they apply for it and are given the permanent license and the number after 30 days of the date of the temporary license number.

  2. Where can you find the driving license number?

    The driving license number is very easy to find as it is located on the front of your card. A license number consists of numbers and letters.

    For instance, the license number displayed in the image above is DL-0420110149646.

  3. Can you find the driving license number by name?

    There is no way of finding your driving license number by name online. However, you can do it offline.

    The only way of getting to know the number is by visiting the RTO authority from where your driving license was issued. You need to provide them with your Name, Date of Birth, Father’s Name, Address and Age proof. They will fetch the data and let you know your driving license number.

    Note: If you want to issue a duplicate license by visiting their office, they might charge you a nominal fee, and you will receive the duplicate DL at your registered address via post. They will also provide you with the receipt for issuing your duplicate driving license.

  4. What is a Duplicate Driving License?

    One is issued with a duplicate driving license if they lost, misplaced, or destroyed their original driving license. However, they will only get a duplicate driving license when they apply for it online or offline.

  5. What are the documents to be submitted for applying for a duplicate driving license?

    • An FIR referring to the loss of the license
    • Application form LLD (application of duplicate and intimation of loss of license)
    • Address proof
    • Age proof
    • Passport-sized photograph
    • Details of the driving license

    Note: All license holders ought to keep a photograph or a copy of their original license to help them and not make them suffer from tracking the misplaced one from records.

  6. How can you find the driver’s license number in case you lost your driving license?

    1. Go to the local DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). Tell them your situation and provide them with the relevant details such as your name, address, and date of birth. They will let you know the driving license number and provide you with the replacement after a couple of days.
    2. You can also visit DMV’s official website once you choose your state. Please register and log in to their website. Type your name and ID number.
    3. You can also ask your auto insurer, and they might also let you know your driving license number.
  7. Other ways of finding your driving license number if you lost one

    • Check whether your license number is on your vehicle registration
    • Go through your financial records for cancelled cheques
    • Contact your auto insurance company
  8. How to apply for a duplicate license online in India?

    • Visit the official Parivahan Portal.
    • Click on ‘Driving License Related Services’ after the Web page opens up
    • Clicking on that option, you will be redirected to another page, where you will need to select your State and RTO
    • You will be redirected to another page mentioning various services related to Driving License
    • From the Menu, click on ‘Apply Online and then on ‘Find Application Number
    • The next step is to select your State, RTO location, your Name, Date of Birth, and Captcha Code, and click on ‘Submit.’
    • Then you will see multiple transactions related to your Driving License, click on any ‘Get Details’ link
    • Enter the OTP that you will get on your registered mobile number
    • Once you enter the OTP, you will see the various details related to your driving license, including your Driving License Number.
  9. Information Required to Fill the LLD form

    • The Name and Address
    • Reason for applying for Duplicate License. In case you destroyed or misplaced the license, you need to mention the whole situation in which the loss happened
    • Enter the name of licensing authority from which your license was issued, driving license number, class of motor vehicle, and the expiry date of license
    • A Declaration must be submitted signifying your license is not impounded by any authority
    • Sign the application after filling all the relevant information and enter the place and date
  10. Is the driving license number public record?

    JAN23 How Do You Find A Driver’s License Number If You Lost Your Driver’s License?

    Most DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) records are public records. However, it may vary depending upon the state on what driving information is publicly available. Non-personal information in driving license records such as driving violations, vehicular cash records, and driver status information is considered public information.

  11. How to download the driving License smart card?

    Download the online application form once after visiting your state transport’s website. Attach all the required documents after filling the form. Submit the filled form with all the relevant documents to your nearest RTO authority.

  12. Do we need to appear for a driving test to get a duplicate driving license?

    You are not required to go through a driving test again even after you lost or misplaced your original driving license. You can either follow the process online or offline to get your duplicate license.

  13. Can we apply for a duplicate driving license at any RTO across the country?

    You can only apply for a duplicate license from the authority where your original license was issued. In case you are not available in that geographical area, you can apply for a fresh driving license at the local RTO. If not, you need to go back to the same (See Why Do People Drink and Drive?)

  14. Can I apply for a permanent license if I lose my learner’s driving license?

    You will not be able to apply for a permanent driving license if you lost your learner’s driving license.

  15. 15Can anyone else squanders my driving license number?

    If any other person has got your driving license number, they cannot open a credit card or mortgage account, implying they cannot misuse the license number for monetary gain. However, they can misuse it by giving it to a police officer or a doctor as their (Fake) proof of identification and putting the original person in jeopardy on whose name the driving license is.

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