Why Do People Drink and Drive?

Drunk Driving: Why Do People Do It? Why do so many people drink and drive?
  1. False sense of security

    Some people think that when they choose to drink and drive, they are the ones who will not be arrested. According to their statistics, nearly 1% of the police are caught by the police while intoxicated and driving. People who often drink and drive might start feeling invincible in this area. However, sooner or later, those people are charged with heavy penalties or imprisonment if they get caught.

  2. Lack of Information

    New and especially first-time drinkers are not aware of the legal drinking limits. They do not know how much quantity they should consume and do not know about the post-effects after drinking alcohol. Hence, they end up thrust into some troublesome situation.

  3. Pressure of embarrassment

    In some situations, people might feel embarrassed to admit that they are drunk and will not drive the car. To prove that they are in control, they drive to avoid any pressure of embarrassment. However, it is better to call someone or to take a cab in those situations to prevent putting your and other’s lives in danger.

  4. Financial reasons

    Some people do not want to spend money on taxis or cabs. They think driving their vehicles is very cost-effective, and hence, even after getting drunk, they prefer driving their own vehicle rather than getting transported on some public ride.

  5. Brashness

    Some people are heavy drinkers. They think that drinking alcohol will not make them feel anything. Instead, they believe that they will drive more carefully after they drink. This makes them over-confident and lets them drive even after they are too drunk. However, the after-effects of drinking on the body are overwhelming, be it anyone, and the risk is increased inordinately in these situations, especially when you drive.

  6. Why should you avoid drink and drive?

    It is imperative to know that Drink and Drive is not an authentic thing one should practice. As it leaves a bad impact on the other youths and children, one should keep themselves safe from practising drink and drive. It can lead to severe accidents with fatal or irreparable consequences. If you get caught by the police, you can also be imprisoned for months or even years in some cases. Hence, it is always recommended never to drive if you drink.

  7. How can you prevent doing drink and drive?

    • If you are at a party or a social gathering where you will definitely drink, you should ask someone else to pick you up.
    • Get a driver along for a specific event or have a designated one if you drink often.
    • I always prefer drinking when the hosts have sleeping arrangements.
    • Opt for public rides/taxis
    • Always carry breathalyzers whenever you are about to drink. It will give you a precise idea of the level of alcohol present in your body.
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