What is a ricer car?

What is a “ricer car” and why is it so frowned upon? What Is Ricer Car & Driver?
  1. What is a ricer car?

    It is a term that was initially used to describe Asians made, particularly Japanese made automobiles. This term was first used in North America’s car underground modification scene.

  2. About ricer cars

    These cars are not high-performance cars and are significantly modified, particularly for looks, but their performance is pretty low. They look very flashy, and a lot of body modifications are done with numerous stickers on them. However, these cars’ engines are not touched, and there are no changes in performance.

  3. Do they change the entire appearance?

    Loads of alterations are done, but its appearance stays pretty similar to that of a stock model. Usually, the modifications are done of sports cars, but they can be applied to any class of vehicles, even trucks.

  4. What changes are made in the body of the car?

    • Wings and spoilers are used, which mostly have no useful function.
    • Carbon fibre hoods
    • Massive wheels which usually decrease acceleration
    • Aerodynamic seeming or creatively designed body kits
    • Lower the suspension inappropriately
    • Bumper canards are fitted to the front bumpers.
  5. Changes made in Aesthetics

    • Paint is done usually in a bright colour
    • Loud and free-flowing exhaust system along with an oversized cylindrical resonator at the back of the car
    • Digital turbo, which has speakers, are installed under the car for emulating the sound of a turbo engine.
    • Decals for aftermarket parts
  6. Changes in Lighting

    • Neon lights and other decorative LED lights are used other than the existing light.
    • Altezza lights are used.
    • Super bright headlight bulbs are used, which are sometimes illegal in various countries.
  7. Identify crisis

    There have been cases when there were identify issues. This situation is created when the car is entirely modified, plus its decals and badges are changes from one car to another. For example, Honda City using the Hyundai Verna, etc.

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