Who makes Predator Engines?

What is Predator Engines? What are their Features? Why are they Famous? Who makes Predator Engines? Is China producing Predator Engines? Are Honda Engines used in Predator Generators?

Creativity and innovation move hand in hand because without creativity there cannot be innovation or invention. I guess this was the reason why all those inventors were able to invent such great things that are making our lives easier now. Engines are one of the life-changing inventions, and they just got better with time. I thought predator was the term used for animals only, but a company decided to name the engine predator engine. Do you know who makes predator engines? Does predator use Honda engines? Are predator engines made in China? Let’s begin and find the answers.

1. What are Predator Engines?

A range of generators and engines is designed in a way that they consume less fuel and produce clean energy. They have created hype in recent years because of the controversy with clone models made by copying Honda engines. But predator engines are known to be less expensive and fuel efficient which is the reason behind their popularity. (See How does a 2 Cycle Engine work?)

2. What are the Types of Predator Engines?

Depending on their alignment, predator engines are of two categories, namely horizontal and vertical shaft engines. Here is a brief description of the two:

  • Horizontal: These are small engines powering different daily-use devices like water pumps, generators, air compressors, etc
  • Vertical: This is a shaft petrol engine that is used to power mowers, heavy construction equipment, pressure washers, along with other heavy machinery

3. What are the Features of Predator Engines?

Who makes predator engines is around the corner. The unique features offered by these engines and generators keep them apart from other products in the competition. Here is a list of features: 

  • It has an electric start mechanism that makes it easier to start them every time you need them.
  • Predator generators have a CO-SECURE technology that will shut down the device if it detects harmful carbon monoxide levels.
  • Certain models have an electric speed control mode that enables monitoring the performance of the engines and maximizing their efficiency and runtime. 
  • It comes with a 1 to ¼-inch steel roll cage that will protect your predator engine from theft if you place it outside in rugged conditions.

4. Which Model is the Most Famous?

Image by Cicero7 from Pixabay

Two models of the predator products are more popular than others, namely, the 212cc engine and the 2000 Generator. They both received good reviews from the customers and were sold out soon after they came into the market. Here are a few points that made them popular amongst others:

  • 212cc engine: It is known for performing better without the need for premium fuel, unlike the Honda engine for which it was claimed to be a clone. It is claimed that it does the same job but at a lesser cost.
  • 2000 Generator: It is popular because it is a near-silent generator. It is easier to use and capable of powering power-sensitive portable electronics by supplying just the right amount of power needed by them.

5. What is the Life of a Predator Engine?

A well-maintained predator engine will last for about 3 to 4 years as per customer ratings and estimates issued by corporate. On a daily basis operation, with 50% of load coverage, a predator engine will work for 6 to 6.5 hours. In comparison to other manufacturers, this is much more durable. (See What are 7 Electric Motor Parts?)

6. Who makes Predator Engines?

The main reason behind all the controversy over predator engines is the question of who actually makes these engines because there have been many clones in the market. So, who makes predator engines? The company that started manufacturing predator engines is a China-based business, named the Lifan Group. But now they are no longer manufacturing them and as per certain assumptions, they either sold the patent or manufacture them at a small scale. (See Who Invented the Jake Brake?

7. Are Predator Engines made in China?

Yes, they were made in China by the Lifan Group with their headquarters in Chongqing, China. The company had the license to sell the products in China, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and South Asia. The range of products made by the Lifan Group is as follows:

  • Commercial vehicles
  • Dirt bike engines
  • Microvans
  • Motorcycle
  • Passenger cars
  • Sports shoes
  • Wine

8. Who manufactures Predator Engines now?

A private tool and equipment retailer, Harbor Freight Tools popularly known as Harbor Freight operates a chain of retail stores where they sell different tools, engines, generators, and automobile parts. The company is California-based and has more than 1300 locations in 28 states. According to the researcher, they were once among the stockiest of predator engines, and now they source their tools directly from the manufacturer and produce the engines themselves. But, the exact location or source of who makes predator engines is unclear. Must read Where is Subaru Made?

9. Does Predator use Honda Engines?

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Yes, this is a matter of conflict among the engine manufacturers because after the launch of 212cc Predator Engines they were claimed to be the clones of Honda engines. The model Honda Gx200 is considered to be the one that was copied by Predator Engines. Honda manufactures their own engines and is not aligned with the manufacturing of Predator Engines. Honda components are compatible with predator engines, and it is the reason that it is concluded that Honda engines are used in Predator. (See 8 Fuel Types For Cars)

10. Is Loncin the Manufacturer of Predator Engines?

No, Loncin Motor Company in Chongqing, China is a large-scale manufacturing enterprise that operates worldwide, and its main production line is agricultural machinery equipment, light-duty power units, two-wheeled motorcycles, and internal combustion engines. They are known for their ATV brands and Loncin motorcycle that are produced by Longxi, it’s a subsidiary company. They do not manufacture predator engines. (See 10 Facts about ESP Malfunction)

11. What is the Price of the Predator Engines?

The price of the predator engine is defined by its horsepower. The predator vertical shaft engine has 5 different variants with horsepower ranging between 13 and 23. The horizontal shaft engine has 20 variants ranging from 1 to 37 horsepower. The more horsepower, the higher the price of the engine. After learning about who makes predator engines, why not look at the prices?

  • Vertical Shaft engine – The cost of the 13-horsepower predator is $600 whereas a 23-horsepower predator costs around $1300.
  • Horizontal shaft engine – The retail price of a 1 horsepower horizontal shaft predator engine is $180, and it goes up to $2600 with the highest horsepower

12. How to Buy a Predator Engine and Generator?

Harbor Freight Tools provides these engines and generators at good prices. You can buy one from their online store, or you can visit their offline store if you are in the area. The service is nice, and they offer a 90-day full warranty for the predator generators. It also provides a 2-year warranty for the emission control system with the generator.

So, today you learned about who makes predator engines. Does Predator use Honda engines? The answer to this question is the difference in performances by both engines. And as for the question are predator engines made in China, the answer is yes. (Also read How can you differentiate between the gas and the brake pedal?)

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