Where is Subaru Made?

Where is Subaru made? Who owns Subaru? Is Subaru a Good Car to invest in? Do Subaru Cars fall in the Luxury or Affordable Category?

Subaru is the automotive manufacturing business of Japanese transportation conglomerate Subaru Corporation, originally known as Fuji Heavy Industries, and the world’s twenty-first largest manufacturer by production which has typically drawn a moderate but committed following of buyers in Western markets. The company’s marketing team focuses on individuals who want its signature engine as well as the drive train, all-wheel drive, and off-road capabilities, and economical sports car designs. Let us dive in deeper and learn about the Subaru cars manufacturing plant and where is Subaru made.

1. Who Makes Subaru?

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Subaru is a Japanese automobile manufacturer which is known for its rugged all-wheel drive vehicles. Its iconic boxer engines generate high torque creating impressive amounts of raw power giving it a very dominating feel. Subaru has been selling its cars in the USA since 1968 and has manufactured all its cars themselves.

Then, where is Subaru made? Subaru has 2 major production facilities one in Japan and the other in Indiana which is under the automotive subdivision of Subaru Corporation. Even though Toyota holds around 20% stake in Subaru still most of its major production is done by Subaru itself. Now let’s see where is Subaru made. (See Who Owns the Chicago Bears?)

2. Who is Subaru owned by?

So, who owns Subaru? Subaru Corporation was formerly owned by Fuji Heavy Industries with Toyota as a minority partner. The industry controls a variety of manufacturing companies, ranging from heavy industrial equipment to aircraft. Subaru is the Japanese name for this star cluster, which is named after the Pleiades star cluster, also known as the seven sisters among the seven, of which six stars can be viewed with the naked eye.

This was chosen since Fuji Heavy Industries was formed by the merger of six important corporations at the time while the origin of the term can still be seen today in Subaru’s unique six-star logo, which is placed on the grills of almost all of its vehicles. (See Who Owns Snapchat?)

3. Where are Subaru Cars Made?

Are you confused about where is Subaru made? Subaru cars unlike many other major car manufacturers don’t have a lot of different manufacturing facilities throughout the world; instead, they have only two major factories, this makes Subaru a considerably smaller manufacturer when compared to giant manufacturers like Toyota or Volkswagen. 

The 2 manufacturing facilities are located in Japan and Indiana whiles the one in Japan is its first and original one. Even though Toyota owns a substantial share in Subaru it aids the company by allowing it access to its suppliers which helps in the procurement of raw materials like steel. Subaru has been making huge investments to improve its already existing production facilities. (See Why people are boycotting Uber?)

4. What Country is Subaru from?

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Where is Subaru made? Subaru is a Japanese car manufacturer based in the country of Japan which is popular for using H-shaped boxer engines that generate high torque. Subaru is partly owned by Toyota which holds around 20% stake in the company. It has two major manufacturing facilities owned by the automotive division of Subaru that manufactures all its cars, one of which is located in Japan and the other one is located in Indiana. Now you know who owns Subaru and where is Subaru made. (See Who Invented the Jake Brake?)

5. Is Subaru Part-Owned By Toyota?

Toyota made a huge announcement in the year 2019 when they increased their holding in Subaru from a little less than 17% to around 20%. This raised a lot of eyebrows around the world as people were worried about what changes it would bring in their beloved range of cars manufactured by Subaru, but till this date, no major changes have taken place in Subaru cars, though they have released new models as a crossover with Toyota the original Subaru cars remain unchanged.

Therefore, to answer who owns Subaru it can be said that Subaru is partly owned by Toyota as of now and Toyota has no immediate plans of making Subaru one of its wholly owned subsidiaries. (See Why was Carnegie Steel considered a Vertical Monopoly?)

6. Is Subaru Australian or Japanese?

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Subaru is the Japanese name for this star cluster, which has been chosen since Fuji Heavy Industries was formed by the merger of six important corporations at the time. The origin of the term can still be seen today in Subaru’s trademark six-star logo, which is installed on the grills of almost each one of its vehicles. (Also read Why Japanese people are so disciplined and organized?)

7. Who makes Subaru Engines?

So, where is Subaru made? Subaru automobiles, trucks, and SUVs are currently manufactured by Subaru Corporation’s automotive division. Previously known as Fuji Heavy Industries, the company owns a variety of manufacturing businesses ranging from heavy industrial equipment to aircraft. Subaru engine production takes place in these locations: Gunma, Japan, and Lafayette, Indiana. Check out the 10 Facts about ESP Malfunction.

8. Are Subaru Engines made by Porsche?

Subaru is a renowned car manufacturer of rugged all-wheel drive cars that has a huge number of loyal fans. In 1966 Subaru introduced its first-ever boxer engine which was used in its Subaru 1000 compact car that became an instant hit creating such a humongous impact that it is to date used in Subaru cars. Porsche and Subaru are the only manufacturers that use this design. Porsche was the only car manufacturer to manufacture boxer engines but used them in only a few of its cars making Subaru the leading user of boxer engines. (Also read How can you differentiate between the gas and the brake pedal?)

9. Where are Subaru Engines made?

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Subaru is a Japanese car company that has an image of creating cars with amazing raw power through high torque. The signature Subaru boxer engine plays a major role in generating this power as Subaru for over 5 decades has believed that its H-shaped boxer engine is superior as compared to any other power unit and has continued to use it in all of its cars since 1966.

So, where is Subaru made, the engine parts? Subaru is not a huge manufacturer like Toyota and has only 2 major manufacturing facilities one in Japan and the other in Indiana. Subaru is the only manufacturer of its boxer engines, even though Porsche also manufactures boxer engines but does not use them in all of its car models. (See How Fast does the Fastest Car go?)

10. Does every Subaru have a Boxer Engine?

Yes, the Subaru Boxer Engine is at the core of every Subaru, named for the horizontal movement of the pistons, which is similar to boxers throwing punches. Their whole product line is powered by a boxer engine which includes the models like Forester, Outback, and Crosstrek models, as well as the flagship Impreza, WRX/STI, Legacy, and BRZ models. (See How to Change Transmission Fluid and Filter?)

11. Why does Subaru use a Boxer Engine?

The advantages of the Subaru Boxer engine are as follows:

  • Because of the flat architecture, engine output can flow straight into the transmission due to which the linear flow of power, engine components, and inefficiencies are reduced, resulting in higher fuel economy. Subarus are the most fuel-efficient AWD vehicles in America, frequently outperforming their FWD competitors.
  • Lowering the engine’s center of gravity lowers the vehicle’s overall center of gravity. A lower center of gravity equals greater responsiveness, especially when turning or doing evasive maneuvers.
  • There’s less vibration due to which the natural counter punch of the opposing piston cancels out undesirable vibration, whereas inline and v-type engines require additional components to accomplish this.
  • In the case of a frontal collision, the boxer engine’s low center of gravity allows it to sink below the passenger compartment rather than inside it.

12. Are Subarus Expensive to Fix?

Subarus are often more expensive to maintain over a period than other non-luxury vehicles. This is due to the higher cost of replacement parts for Subarus compared to other comparable manufacturers such as Toyota and Ford. Owning a Subaru has several advantages in general; they’re good on gas and provide a nicer interior at a lesser cost than that of other manufacturers.

They also have all-wheel drive, which is wonderful if you live in an area where that is required. Like any automobile, they will require repairs from time to time. Subarus are widely considered one of the more dependable automobiles on the market, so they won’t break down very often, but when a part needs to be replaced, it will cost you slightly more than it would in a comparable make. Now let’s see if is Subaru a good car. (Also read How the invention of cars affected the economy?)

13. Is Subaru a Luxury Brand?

Subaru is a low-cost brand geared to outdoor enthusiasts; it is not a luxury vehicle manufacturer. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable SUV like the Outback, Crosstrek, Forester, or a sports car, you’ll discover that many of Subaru’s highest trim levels feel astonishingly high-end. So, is Subaru a good car? Subaru is a Japanese automaker recognized for its earthy look and standard all-wheel drivetrains, making it a popular choice among hikers, campers, and adventurers. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for something a little more premium in the budget, then Subaru is definitely a good car. (See Why did Enron go Bankrupt?)

14. Does Subaru last long?

Image by Matan Ray Vizel from Pixabay

After learning about where is Subaru made, are you aware of the Subaru car’s durability? Subaru has long been recognized as an inexpensive, practical all-wheel-drive automobile. In fact, you can expect a Subaru to last for at least 200,000 miles and 13 years, and if there’s one thing you can say about the brand, it’s that they’re dependable—and their owners adore them. 

Subaru cars have evolved into an iconic brand with a well-regarded car range, and the firm now maintains over 1,900 dealerships in 100 countries, as well as an eco-technology branch that focuses on green technologies and waste management solutions. With increased sales and manufacturing capacities, the automaker aims to maintain its growth in the North American market and boost its position among competitors as a result of its partnership with Toyota. Subaru’s future appears to be as dazzling as the stars, remaining faithful to its customers while building a strong brand image. (See 8 Fuel Types For Cars)

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