Who has the Biggest Forehead in the World?

Who has the Smallest Forehead in the World? Who has the Biggest Nose? Who has the Biggest Ears in the World? Who has the Biggest Mouth in the World?
JAN23 Who has the Biggest Forehead in the World?

You must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard about Guinness World Records. The extremes of this world and extraordinary human achievements are recorded in this reference book. Every year its latest edition is published in different languages. It publishes around 4000 records every year. Some of these records are amazing, and some are very odd. Do you know any such odd records? Have you heard of anyone who has the biggest forehead in the world or who has the smallest forehead in the world? Continue reading to know more.

1. 15 Weirdest Guinness World Records Ever

The Guinness World Records may be a book of the greatest records, but it does hold some records and entries that are outright weird. They will make your eyeballs pop out for sure. Everybody is born with something special ability, but some are born with something so rare that it becomes weird. Besides who has the biggest forehead in the world, these are the 15 most weird Guinness World Records ever:

  • Skinniest waist: An American woman named Cathie Jung was given the title of skinniest waist-living in 1999. Her corseted waist measured 38.1 cm. She was very enthusiastic about Victorian clothes and thus started wearing a training belt to reduce her waist size from 66.4 cm. She had worn a corset for 23 hours daily since 1983 and only removed the said corset during the daily shower.
  • Strechiest skin: Since 1999, this record has been held by Garry Turner from Britain. He can stretch his stomach’s skin up to 6.25 inches, and he doesn’t even feel pain while doing so. He can do so because of Ehlers-Danos Syndrome, a rare connective tissue disorder. Due to this disorder, he has skin loosening and hypermobile joints.
  • Longest fingernails: This record is held by Lee Redmond from America. The added length of all her nails is 28 ft and 4 in. She started growing her nails in 1979 and has grown her nails for nearly 30 years since then.
  • Longest mustache: The record for longest mustache in the world is held by Ram Singh Chauhan from Jaipur, India. He did not cut his mustache for 37 years, and it is 14 ft long.
  • Most piercings in a lifetime: Elaine Davidson, a Brazilian restaurant owner, won this title in 2003. She has pierced a total of 4,225 times till she won this title. Even now, she keeps adding and replacing jewelry now and then. Also, check out how long do Ear Piercings hurt?
  • Most needles inserted in the head: This weird title was acquired by Wei Shengchu in 2013. He has inserted a whopping number of 2,188 needles into his head.
  • Longest legs: In 2020, a 17-year-old teenager named Maci Currin from the USA acquired the world’s longest legs (female). She is 6 ft 10 in, and her legs make up 60% of her height. Her left leg is 53.255 inches long, while her right leg is 52.874 inches long.
  • Most number of spoons on the human body: Dalibor Jablanovic from Serbia balanced 79 spoons on his body in 2016 and won this title. The spoons used for this purpose were of different sizes.
  • Longest tongue (dog): A Pekingese dog named Puggy won this title in 2009 when it was just 9-years-old. Its tongue was 4.5 inches long at that time.
  • World’s tallest hat: Odilon Ozare from the USA won the title for making the world’s tallest hat in 2018. He invented a 15 ft and 9 in a tall hat. To become a valid record holder, he was required to walk 10 m with the hat on and he did it.
  • Largest Yo-Yo in the world: Beth John from Ohio won the title for building the largest Yo-Yo in 2012. It weighed 2,095.6 kg and was 11 ft in measurement.
  • World’s tallest dog: Freddy the Great Dane won this title in 2016. He was 7 ft and 5.5 in tall on his hind feet. He sadly passed away in 2021.
  • Furthest arrow shot using feet: On 31 March 2018, an acrobatic archer named Brittany Walsh set this record using her feet to shoot the arrow. She fired an arrow a whopping 12.3 meters away.
  • Opening the most number cans in a min (by a parrot): In 2012, in San Jose, Zac the Macaw set this record by opening a total of 35 cans in a min. (See Can Parrots really Talk?)
  • Spinning a basketball on a toothbrush for the longest duration: In January 2019, Sandeep from Canada achieved this bizarre record by spinning a basketball on a toothbrush for 1 minute 8.15 seconds.

Apart from this, there are many weirdest records. One among them is World Record For Hiccups. If you wonder who has the biggest forehead in the world, read the following section.

2. Who has the Biggest Forehead in the World?

JAN23 Who has the Biggest Forehead in the World?

After learning about these weird records, let’s search for who has the biggest forehead in the world. Many people believe that Mr. Sverre Aarseth has the biggest forehead in the world. His forehead measures about 22 inches in width, and that is impressive. But this is a subjective question and has no definitive answer. (See What are typical German Facial Features?)

3. Who has the Smallest Forehead in the World?

As you know who has the biggest forehead in the world, let’s read who has the smallest forehead in the world. Many people in the world have small foreheads but until now, there isn’t a genuine record holder for this title. Must read what are physical characteristics of a Person?

4. Who has the Biggest Ears in the World?

Till now, no human has bagged this record. But a dog named Lou holds the record for the world’s longest ears in the animal category. Its ears are 13.38 inches each. For humans, though, there does exist a man with big earlobes.

A Hawaiian man named Kala Kaiwi claims that his ear lobes are over four inches in diameter. He holds the Guinness World record for longest non-surgical ear lobes. He may not have the biggest ears but have long earlobes for sure. (See Who is the tallest person in the world?)

5. Who has the Biggest Nose in the World?

Apart from who has the biggest forehead in the world, Mehmet Özyürek from Turkey is the person to hold the record for the longest nose on a living person (male). His nose is 8.80 cm or 3.46 inches in length. It was verified on 13 November 2021. (See What Are Physical Attributes?)

6. Who has the Longest Tongue in the World?

The record for the longest tongue in The Guinness Book of World Records is held by Nick Stoeberl from Monterey, California. He is also called The Lick as, since 2012, his tongue has measured 10.10 cm. The average length of an adult male’s tongue is 8.5 cm and for a female’s tongue is 7.9 cm. Just by this, you can imagine how long his tongue is. (See What’s The Fastest Mile Ever Run?)

7. Who has the Biggest Mouth in the World?

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the record for the largest mouth agape female in the world goes to Samantha Ramsdell from Connecticut. When her mouth is agape, it measures about two and a half inches or 6.56 cm. The mouth measures 10 cm or four inches when measured across. Also, check out Fastest Female Runner in the World

Isaac Johnson is the person who holds the record for the largest mouth agape male with a gape that measures 4 inches or 10.175 cm. (Also read Why do we have Eyebrows and Eyelashes?)

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