What would You Bring if Stranded on an Island?

What is the First Thing You would do if You were Stranded on an Island? What is the Best Thing to Bring to a Deserted Island? How do You Survive on an Island with Nothing? How do People Get Rescued from a Deserted Island?

Blue Lagoon is a movie where two kids were stranded on a deserted island found their way around it and were able to adapt well, start a family, and live happily after going through their share of hardships. How do you think you would do if you were left on an island with nothing? Now, you might wonder what would you bring if stranded on an island or what is the first thing you would do if you were stranded on an island. Let us dive and look into some of these questions. We will also answer what are the 10 things to bring on a deserted island and how to survive on an island with nothing.

1. How are you Going to Survive on an Island?

With us being totally comfortable with anything and everything available at our fingertips, it will be very difficult to be able to survive on an island with no internet or microwave for that matter. The basic essentials such as drinking water and food if available can help the majority of the hard work. After this, you might need to make a place to be able to sleep safely and soundly without the fear of any animal or threat putting you in danger.

If you can make hunting tools and explore a bit around the island, you sure would be able to find things to make things a bit easy living in such a place. In the upcoming segments, we will discuss what would you bring if stranded on an island, so read on. (See What is the smallest island in the world?)

2. What are the Five Most Important Things that you need to Bring to a Remote Island?

If you were in a hypothetical situation, what would you bring if stranded on an island? Let us look into what would be some of the most important things to carry with you: 

  • The first and foremost important thing to keep with you or to bring to a remote island is a knife. This is not just for protection but also for the purpose of hunting.
  • A box of matches is an essential element that can be used to make a fire to keep you warm and scare away wild animals.
  • A flashlight can be pretty handy, especially after the evening when the sun sets and the place becomes dark because there won’t be much light apart from the natural source which is the moon.
  • Another thing you need is a spear. Just like a knife, it will be of multiple uses. The knife can be too small to protect you sometimes, therefore, a spear would definitely protect you from wild animals. Also, it can be used to hunt bigger animals which a knife alone cannot do.
  • Having a satellite phone can help you get away from this terrible situation. You can communicate, send a signal and ask for help. This can be pricey but a definite lifesaver.

3. What is the First Thing You would do if You were Stranded on an Island?

Photo by Bertrand Bouchez on Unsplash

The first thing you would do if you were stranded on an island is to search for fresh water and food which are the most essential things. Getting access to clean drinking water is a very difficult task because even if there is no shortage of water because you will literally be surrounded by water, but all this is for nothing.

The water you find in the sea is salt water which is not suitable for drinking and to convert the salt water into fresh drinkable water, one needs to make use of sunlight. There is a process wherein you boil salt water and catch the steam leaving behind salt in the container. Another issue that can arise is arranging food, you may be able to find wild fruits and berries but be VERY careful while eating them! Check out the 10 Tips to Know If You Were Stranded on a Desert Island.

4. What Would You Bring if Stranded on an Island?

The answer to what would you bring if stranded on an island is many because obviously there are a lot of things that could prove to be useful in such a situation. Some of them could be as listed below: 

  • A matchbox can be used to start a fire in order to cook food or make you feel warm.
  • First aid box with band-aids, cotton, and a few medicines that you may need because in places like these you are prone to danger and injury.
  • Flashlight serves as an important thing to keep you safe from the dark and from wild animals.
  • A tool that can be used to hunt or cut things is necessary. This could be a knife or a spear, something you can make with the materials available to you.

5. What Two Things aside from Food and Water would You want on a Deserted Island?

Food and water are something that is very essential but these are not everything. What would you bring if stranded on an island apart from that? Being on a deserted island is a very difficult task but some of the things that can help in making it a bit easy are as follows: 

  • Fishing nets can help with catching fishes and this would be one of the food that would be easy to catch, keeping in mind that there is plenty of resources available from the seawater itself.
  • A torch or lamp goes a long way in helping to keep away unwanted company. You can lead your way through the dark with this.
  • Having a flare gun can serve as a tool to keep away from danger and can also attract attention from passing ships or helicopters which could help you get away from the stranded island.
  • Wood serves many purposes in this situation, from being burnt to cook food, to keep oneself warm, to making a raft and going fishing, or finding other boats to help you get back home.

6. What are 10 Things to Bring on a Deserted Island?

What would you bring if stranded on an island? 10 things to bring on a deserted island are listed below. The choices change according to individuals but these are the essentials ones: 

  • Matchbox to ignite a fire
  • Knife or a tool that can be used for defense as well as for hunting or cutting things,
  • An inflatable boat or raft to go fishing or in search of other people,
  • A lamp or flashlight preferably solar, because it will be hard to change batteries,
  • A net that can be used for fishing and to protect from bugs as well,
  • Satellite phones to keep a connection with the outer world,
  • Flare guns to get rid of dangerous situations,
  • A spear to save from bigger animals and also for hunting,
  • A first aid kit would be of great help,
  • An extra pair of cloth so that you don’t have to wear wet clothes all the time, and
  • A hammock would provide you with a place to sleep and rest peacefully.

7. What is the Best Thing to Bring to a Deserted Island?

What would you bring if stranded on an island? There are quite many things that are essential and important if you are to be on a remote deserted island like the ones we already mentioned. Yet, the best thing to bring with you to a deserted island would be your best friend. Just think of both of you laughing hysterically after failed attempts at catching fishing or making a shelter out of wood, sticks, and leaves!

The nights would be fun with stars in the night sky and the both of you munching on berries that you do not even know are safe or not. And what is better than having all the space and just your bestie and all the time in the world? Also, when you have a company, you are able to reason out better and cross all the hurdles easily.

But practically answering, one must carry a waterproof matchbox and some multi-usage tool at the least. This two could actually help a lot in saving your life. (See Why Climbing Everest Is Dangerous?)

8. How do You Survive on an Island with Nothing?

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

It would be pretty difficult to survive on an island with nothing on you. The first thing to do is find access to fresh drinking water, this can be a very difficult process. If you are able to find some salt water then one way is to boil it so that the salt stays behind and the steam can be caught using a cloth which can be used to drink.

Another thing to do is find food, you can look for fruit-bearing trees and be careful because a lot of wild fruits can be dangerous to eat. After this comes a need for shelter which can be made using the available materials such as leaves, wood, and sticks. Must read 3 Types of Native American Shelters.

9. How do People get Rescued from a Deserted Island?

Being stuck on a deserted island is much more terrifying than it sounds and the people who have been in such situations would have been really strong and brave to get out of it. Below are some ways which can be used to rescue yourself:

  • A flare gun can help draw attention from helicopters, planes, and ships which in turn can help in getting you from the island to a place with people.
  • Make a fire and create as much smoke as you can using dry leaves. This is one of the most used hacks.
  • An S.O.S sign which can be drawn on the sand or the letters written using sticks or wood is another way to have a hope of getting rescued from a deserted island.
  • A mirror or any shiny object can be used to signal the rescuers who are far from you.

Besides wondering what would you bring if stranded on an island, these were some of the common practices used by people to get out of a stranded island. If you ever get stuck in such a situation, you can always rely on these hacks. (See Can You survive a 500-foot Fall into Water?)

10. How do You Get Drinkable Water on an Island?

Image by Marek Okon on Unsplash

Apart from thinking about what would you bring if stranded on an island, note that a few sources and techniques you can use to be able to get drinkable water on an island are as follows: 

  • Rainwater is very important in this regard. It can be collected and drank as it is. Rainwater is considered one of the most common sources of water. Considering the situation you are in, it is a healthy option for you to drink rainwater rather than seawater.
  • Big leaves can be used to collect dew which settles on leaves and grasses, it may take a while to collect enough water to drink but it is a good way.
  • A quite helpful plant in this situation is a banana tree which is cut leaves around a foot from the stump and is scooped out from the center creating a hollow. It keeps getting refilled for around 3-4 days.
  • Another way is catching fish. The area around the eye of the fish has liquid that is drinkable. You can suck the fish’s eye and can break the vertebrae of the spine and suck up the drinkable liquid.

It sure is not a very happy picture to be stranded on an island, but well, you can live through it if you are strong enough. A strong mindset can get you out of any situation. We answered some of the important questions such as what would you bring if stranded on an island, mentioning the 10 things to bring on a deserted island, and how can one survive on an island with nothing. Hope this article was insightful and helped a bit for the next time you get stranded somewhere. (Also read What are Some Simple Machines in your House?)

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