What is the Sentricon System Cost?

The Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System is developed by Dow AgroSciences which manufactured a subterranean termite pest control product. It is expensive but at the same time serves multiple reasons which make it effective.
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Certain regions on earth are more prone to insects in comparison to other regions. You may find it crazy, but it is true. Japan has the most insects in the world, but Iceland does not even have insects. Not only this, Peru is known to have the most ants and rats in the world, and on average, there are more than 33000 searches for ant killers in Peru. Well, if someone you know is living in an area where termites are a headache, you must have heard about sentricon system. Do you know sentricon system cost? How much is sentricon cost per linear foot? Why is sentricon so expensive? Let’s begin and find it out.

1. What is Sentricon System?

In 1995, Dow AgroSciences developed and manufactured a subterranean termite pest control product and named it the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System. It was a substitute for the liquid termiticide soil barriers and served the purpose of a termite baiting system. It was well-prepared to eliminate all the members of the termite colonies. (See How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes Indoors?)

2. What does the Sentricon System Cost?

According to the users and estimates, the national average cost of the Termite Colony Elimination System is $550. According to Academic Researches, the cost of the installation of sentricon system is accurate depending upon the best solution that the company offers. The cost of sentricon termite elimination system can range from $1200 to $3800. But the drywood termite control may range from $1000 to $6500. Annual monitoring will cost you $280. 

3. Which Factors affect the Cost of the Termite Elimination System?

Usually, the prices are charged per linear foot, but this price is decided depending on the factors like: 

  • The layout of the house,
  • Attached structures, if any, like driveways, patios, walkways, garages, etc.,
  • Landscaping structures like rock gardens, shrubs, etc.,
  • The methods applied, and
  • The location.

4. What is the Sentricon cost per Linear Foot?

JAN23 What is the Sentricon System Cost

Termite-eliminating companies charge per linear foot for their services. The cost may vary between $5 to $20 per linear foot, and the price also depends on other factors that have already been discussed above. Other company charges for different building materials per linear foot are as follows: 

  • Basement Construction- $7 to $8 per linear foot
  • Crawlspace Construction- $7 per linear foot
  • Slab Foundation- $6 per linear foot

Here, the charges for termite soil treatment or termite baiting issued by Sentricon are $8 to $12 per linear foot. The price range depends on the number and types of baits required in the process. But if they are applying the barrier system the cost ranges from $10 to $16. (See How much does a 24×30 Concrete Slab Cost?)

5. Can You get rid of Dry Wood Termites by using Sentricon System?

After spending huge amounts on sentricon system cost, stay calm because all types of termites, either dry wood or underground termites or any other type of termites will leave your house after the installation of the sentricon system. Solid cellulose baits used by sentricon are effective instantly and last for the long run. 

6. How Long does it take to get rid of Termites?

Assistant professor of entomology at the University of Florida, Thomas Chovanec, mentioned that good bait weakens the colonies of the termites within the first 30 days of feeding or installation. He further mentioned that, after 90 days, the entire colonies of termites were killed and the house was pest free. (See How to Get Rid of Possums Permanently?)

7. Are Other Insects attracted towards Sentricon?

The baits produce very low vapor pressure which does not produce any odor. It is non-toxic and does not cause any sort of irritation in humans or other animals. Sentricon is specifically designed for termites, and it does not influence, affect, or attract any other insects. 

8. How Long Sentricon System stay active?

After the installation of the traditional system, it only needs to be checked quarterly. And the renewal is done after a year only. If you have installed an always-on system, then it will need only annual visits by the technicians. In either case, the technician visits your house as a part of the annual meeting and checks the stations along with them. It was useful to know about the period for which the system will last after paying high charges for the sentricon system cost. (See Can You Wet Vent a Saniflo System?)

9. Why is Sentricon so Expensive?

A homemaker needs to decide everything accurately to manage things along with considering the health and hygiene of the family. Pest control is essential and choosing the company that offers you long-lasting and impactful pest control treatment is difficult. But, if you are using Sentricon but hesitating because of its high charges, then here are a few reasons why they are expensive:

  • Effectively Detect Termite Activities: Sentricon is sensitive enough to sense any kind of pest activity in the house. It takes instant action to resolve the issue of termites in your house. In comparison to other solutions, Sentricon is preferably faster in taking action.
  • Environment Friendly: With a minimal or nil amount of chemicals used, Sentricon does not carry any toxicants into the environment. Unlike other liquid alternatives that are harmful to the environment, it is safer for the people and pets in your house.
  • House is Protected Against Future Attacks: Due to its long-term effectiveness, it will protect the house for longer periods. Termites or any other pests covered under their treatment will not get any time close to your house.
  • Installation Process is Complex: For further information about the sentricon system cost, experts from the company charge the initial costs of installing the solution in your house and get the service renewal contract signed at the time of installation. The charges for the renewal service are also taken at the time of installation, which makes it more expensive than others. Also, it is installed only by the experts from the company as it is complex, and you are not recommended to do it yourself.
  • Lower Degradation: Liquid treatments are known to degrade faster but the degradation of Sentricon is slower than others. Baits provided by sentricon are more effective because it passes around to every termite living in the house at that time.
  • Popularity: Homeowners prefer things that are effective and the news of such products is not confined to the users only. With the increased popularity the demand for sentricon has increased tremendously. This can also be considered a valid reason for it being expensive.
  • Prevents Cost of Infestation in the Future: The installation and renewal costs are higher for sentricon baits, but they are beneficial in the long run, and you do not have to spend a bunch of amounts on infestation occasionally. Sentricon keeps the house safe from termites for a longer period. Considering all these reasons and long-lasting impact, does the sentricon system cost seem high to you?
  • Provides Long-Lasting Solutions: The users of sentricon always say with relief that they are enjoying the benefits in the long run. There are no other solutions that last as long as sentricon does. For the colony of termites that you have applied sentricon, it will be enough and prevent them from returning to your property. 

So, today you discovered the Sentricon system cost. Well, the Sentricon cost per linear foot is way higher than the others. Did you notice the reasons why is Sentricon so expensive and do you agree with those reasons? What are your views on this termite elimination system? Have you used them? (Also read How to Get Rid of Natural Gas Smell in House?)

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