How much does a 24×30 Concrete Slab Cost?

What is a Concrete Slab? What is the Average Cost of Concrete Slabs in different Places? What does the 24×30 Concrete Slab Cost? Can you Pour the Slab yourself?

With the innovation of new technologies, there have been continuous changes in the techniques and materials used for construction purposes. Earlier, everything was prepared by hand and placed with extreme perfection in physics and mathematical calculation. Still, building a house is costly let alone the cost of the concrete slab. Do you have any idea how expensive is a slab of concrete? How much does a 24×30 concrete slab cost? How much does it cost to pour a 20 by 30 slab? Let’s begin and find it out.

1. What is a Concrete Slab?

A common structural element of modern buildings with a flat horizontal surface made with cast concrete is a concrete slab. It is a mixture of wet cement combined with other materials. It is mainly the platform to support the ground floor, and it is of two types, namely suspended and ground bearing. The concrete slab is known as ground bearing if it rests on the foundation; otherwise, it is known as suspended. (See Outhouse Design)

2. How Expensive is a Slab of Concrete?

Costs of concrete may vary depending on your location and the price of concrete there. Usually, concrete is not that expensive if compared to other building materials. The cost is calculated per square foot of the area to be covered by the slab. The average estimated price of the concrete slab can range between $4 and $8 per square foot, considering the thickness and labor cost. 

3. What are the Cost Affecting Factors?

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There are numerous things to be considered while preparing the estimate for the slab. Let alone the cost of the concrete is not going to be counted because various added standard features are added to it as per the requirement. All these factors influence the cost of the slab to a large extent. Before knowing how much does a 24×30 concrete slab costs, take a look at the cost-affecting factors of the concrete slab:

  • Additional Equipment: Including the cost of labor, there is a requirement for special equipment. It includes pump trucks from which concrete is poured. This is the most expensive part of the process. The cost of getting a pump truck to pour the concrete will cost you $900.
  • Additional Materials: Extra layers of different materials like Styrofoam, wire mesh, etc. are added to increase strength and durability. These costs are also added to the overall cost.
  • Finishing Touch: Adding varieties of texture and color to the slab will be an extra expense on your budget. Finishing costs include the cost of engraving, staining, stenciling, etc.
  • Grading and Dirt work: Preparing substrates to pour before laying the framework and pouring the concrete for the slab comes in the grading and dirt work category. The price for grading is included in the estimates of some contractors because other contractors charge extra for this.
  • Thickness of the Concrete: Ideally, the slab needs to be 4 to 6 inches thick, but this varies depending on the requirement of the project. Thickness determines the amount of concrete used in the slab, which is the main cost-determining factor.
  • Thickness of the Edges: In some cases, the thickness of the edges needs to be increased. It affects the weight of the slab, which further affects the cost and this helps you to find how much does a 24×30 concrete slab costs.

4. What is the Average Cost of Concrete Slab in Different Places?

Depending upon the size of the area that is covered by the slab, the price range is different. Here I have mentioned 4 common places with the regular sizes required of the concrete slabs for those places:

Type or location of the slab Size Average Cost
Garage 24×24 $3,058 – $5,944
Driveway 20×24 $1,440 – $3,360
Patio 12×12 $796 – $1,476
Shed 10×10 $670 – $930

5. How much does a 24×30 Concrete Slab Cost?

A slab of dimensions 24×30 will cover a 720-square-foot area. With an average cost of $6 per square foot, you will have to pay almost $4320 for the 24×30 concrete slab. But if the price range is somewhere between $4 and $8 considering other factors or price changes due to your location then the price for the 24×30 concrete slab will range between $2,880 and $5,760. (See How much does a Modular Home Cost?)

6. What Affects the Price of the 24×30 Concrete Slab?

Image by JA Huddleston from Pixabay

Well, if you are paying $4,320 then you must be aware of what standard features will be included in the slab. Here is the list of them: 

  • For increased strength 1/2 inch rebar
  • To support the slab a layer of crushed stone
  • 6 inches of 3,000 PSI concrete
  • To reinforce the concrete fiber mesh materials are used
  • A wooden form to hold the concrete as it dries
  • Labors

7. How much does it Cost to Pour a 20 by 30 Slab?

Considering all the factors along with the price of the concrete, a 20×30 concrete slab will cost between $2,400 and $4,800. The average price can be around $3,600 which can vary on the standard features added to the slab. Get to know about other dimensions after learning about how much does a 24×30 concrete slab costs. Check out the 10 Best Prefab Homes Under $100k.

8. How much does a 20×30 Concrete Slab Cost by Thickness?

Per square foot, the cost of the 20×30 slab will range between $4 and $8. This is based on the difference in the thickness of the slab. Here is a list of average costs for different thicknesses in slabs.

  • 4-inch slab – $2.83 per square foot
  • 5-inch slab – $3.20 per square foot
  • 6-inch slab – $3.57 per square foot

9. What is the Cost of Concrete?

The cost of the concrete depends on the thickness and quality of the concrete used in the slab. The quality of concrete is influenced by the amount of water added to it. The water-to-cement ratio determines its strength and quality. On average, the cost of concrete ranges from $2.83 to $3.57. (See What is the Manufactured Home Installation Cost?)

10. What is the Cost of Concrete per Cubic Yard?

In some places, contractors calculate the price per cubic yard and not per square foot. 1 cubic yard of the concrete slab will cover about 100 square feet with a depth of 3 inches (27 cubic feet). Thus, the costs of concrete per cubic yard are $113 to $123. 

11. What is the Cost of Concrete Slabs by Size?

The average price of a 6-inch concrete slab is $6.17 per square foot. Typically, the price ranges between $113 and $126 per cubic yard (27 cubic feet) or $5.35 to $6.17 per square foot. After learning about how much does a 24×30 concrete slab costs, here is a table of the cost of concrete slabs with different slab sizes from highest to lowest.

Slab size (Inches) Area covered (Square feet) Average installation cost
40×60 2400 $14,808
30×40 1200 $7,404
30×30 900 $5,553
20×30 600 $3,702
24×24 576 $3,554
20×20 400 $2,468
15×15 225 $1,388
12×12 144 $888
10×10 100 $617
8×8 64 $395

12. How much does it Cost to Install a Concrete Slab?

As per the thickness and area covered, the minimum average cost can be $5.35 per square foot for a 4 inches thick slab. Installation of a 6-inch slab with thicker edges will cost up to $10.55 per square foot. Here it has been mentioned in the table the price break for the installation of the concrete slab along with other certain additions:

Item Average cost (per square foot)
The base price of a 4-inch slab $5.35
If increased to 6 inches slab + $0.50 – $0.85
Thicker edges (2 inches to 12 inches) + $1.00 – $1.50
Vapor Barrier + $0.50
2 inches thick Styrofoam + $2.00
Wire Mesh + $0.35
Pouring Truck (pump or concrete) + $900 flat
Total Price $5.35 – $10.55

13. Can You Pour the Slab yourself?

Image by Paul Harrison from Pixabay

Are you considering pouring it yourself after knowing how much does a 24×30 concrete slab costs? Though it is not impossible to do so and it will save the cost of labor also. Let alone you will be paying only between $1,698 and $3,282 which depends on the thickness and additional standard features. But, getting the work done by contractors is way better than doing it yourself. There will be no uniformity and the lack of perfection will be like an eyesore. But if you think you can do it, give it a try.

So, today you learned about how much does a 24×30 concrete slab costs. How much does it cost to pour a 20 by 30 slab? The answer to this is given in detail above along with the factors influencing the price. So, how expensive is a slab of concrete in your area? (Also read What Is the Average Garage Door Size?)

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