What is the Manufactured Home Installation Cost?

What are a Manufactured House and its Types? What is the Installation Cost of Mobile Homes, and What factors determine the Cost? How are Taxes calculated? What is the Insurance Premium of a Mobile House? How much does a Manufacturing House cost?
what is the manufactured home installation cost
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The construction process and price of a mobile home are both tiring for the person bearing the charges. However, as per the buyers of manufactured homes, the price is considered reasonable to set up these houses rather than constructing the houses. So, if you are also wondering about the manufactured home installation cost, then you are at the right place. Today, along with it I will tell you about the average cost of a manufactured home.

1. What are Manufactured Homes or Mobile Homes?

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A house that is built inside a factory in a multi or single Storey form and then sent to the site for installation is known as a manufactured home. According to the rules and norms laid down by the federal building code administered by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), these houses are prepared. (See 7 Moat Around Castle Facts)

2. What are the Types of Manufactured Homes?

Depending upon their sizes and number of bedrooms and other amenities in the house, they are divided into single-wide, double-wide, and triple or multi-wide houses.

  • Single wide houses have 1 to 2 bedrooms with the same units of the bathroom, and they are built on an area of 500 to 1200 square feet.
  • Double-wide houses will have 2 to 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It is built on 1000 to 2000 square feet of area.
  • Triple or multi-wide houses may have 3 or more bedrooms and 2+ bathrooms. They are built on 2000 or more square feet of land area. (See 20 Best Mobile Home Manufacturers in US)

3. What are the Factors responsible for Manufactured Home Installation Cost?

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The average cost of a manufactured home includes various factors which are:

  • Condition of the house: Mobile houses, new or old, can be moved from one place to another. But for moving an old mobile house there are some additional charges. The cost to repair tires of an old mobile house is $50 per tire and if the axles are damaged then you will have to spend $150 for its repair. The mobile home moving people will charge $1 to $2 for each mile to move an old house. Also, check out the 3 Types of Native American Shelters.
  • Size of the house: A single-wide house is like a first-floor house but a double or triple-wide house is higher and thus needs more precautions and setting them up is a time-consuming process. So, installing a single wide is less expensive than installing double or triple wide homes. 
  • Cost of the land: After buying a manufactured home you need a place to assemble it and start living in it. For this, you will have to buy a plot or a piece of land as per the size of your manufactured home. Experts suggest that buying a piece of land is a much more reliable and intelligent choice than renting land to put your house on.
  • Cost of securing permissions for the installations: Further, in manufactured home installation costs, the price of a permit depends on the region of the United States where you are living or moving your house. However, the permit costs may range roughly from $1900 to $39,000.  (See What are the symbols of home?)

4. What other factors determine the cost of setting up a Mobile House?

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  • Cost of moving a mobile home: The cost of transferring a mobile house from the place of production to the place of settlement is mostly dependent upon two factors, the width of the house and transport distance. The cost of moving a mobile house for less than 100 miles may range between $2000 and $5000. But there are places where it costs around $1000 also. However, if your trip is more than 100 miles, you will be charged $6 to $15 per extra mile, or in a lump sum transportation amount you will have to pay $15000. 
  • Setting up cost: After the house or modules are transported to the place of settlement, all these parts will be set up by the manufacturers. The setup charges are separate from the transportation charges. It can cost you from $1000 to $5000 which includes services like placing the house on the foundation, securing it, plumbing, electrical work, hooking up the utilities, and other amenities.
  • Cost of laying the foundation: Laying a strong foundation for a house is essential, and it is the same for the manufactured home too. Without a good foundation, a mobile house will be susceptible to weather changes and can be easily damaged by extreme weather conditions. This is another factor in manufactured home installation cost.
  • Costs of fixtures and customizations: The price of fixing and customizing the house during installation varies from house to house because not each one of them is the same. Therefore, the price can range from $1000 to whatever is your customization. (See What does k stand for in Money?)

5. What is the cost of Taxes and Insurance? 

The tax system is complicated for a mobile home in comparison to a site-built house. The types of taxes you will pay for installing the property depend on the factors like the type of mobile home and the owner of the land or tenant. You need to get your house registered as real property because in certain states a mobile house is not considered real property. The owner of the land will have to pay the assessed property tax for it. Also, check out why do you have to pay taxes?

This house should be insured against future odds, and it is insurable in the same way as any site-built house. The only difference is the amount of premium is higher in a mobile house than in a traditional property. The total manufactured home installation cost depends on the types of insurance you will opt for. (See How much is 6 Million Pennies?)

6. What is the Average cost of a Manufactured Home Nationwide?

After knowing the manufactured home installation cost, take a look at the actual price of the house. According to the data provided by the Census Bureau in 2021, the total cost of a manufactured home after all the process can reach roughly $123,200 and the average cost of a manufactured home in the United States can range as follows. 

  • Single wide house – $80,900
  • Double wide houses – $150,300

Just like every other thing is negotiable, so is the case with transporting a mobile home. You have the right to negotiate with the transporting costs as well as set-up costs. There are no such fixed rates circulated by the United States housing department. Must read about the Outhouse Design.

7. What is the Price difference between Summer and Winter Manufactured Homes?

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As per the buyers, the average price of manufactured houses is considerably low from January to March in comparison to other months. It happens because in winter there are not many buyers, and seeing as the suppliers are also fewer. Take a look at the winter prices of manufactured homes and summer prices.

  • Winter prices: Single wide houses $43,500 – $59,000; double wide houses $110,400 – $119,400; and triple wide houses $92,900 – $103,100.
  • Summer prices: Single wide houses $57,600 – $62,000; double wide houses $110,300 – $122,900; and triple wide houses $97,400 – $102,800.

So today along with the manufactured home installation cost, you got to know about the average cost of a manufactured home and the factors that determine the cost. Now you can share it with your friends and family. (Also read What is the Total Cost to Summit Mt Everest?)

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