What is the Average Weight of Chicken Egg?

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Anyone who enjoys baking, especially someone who bakes with eggs, will constantly wonder how much an egg weighs. Eggs are a relatively easy, inexpensive item that can be prepared in a variety of ways. They are available in various sizes. Continue reading to learn about the average weight of chicken egg as well as other amazing facts about eggs.

1. What is the Average Weight of Chicken Egg?

A chicken egg typically weighs 50–70 g. This, however, is based on industrial laying chickens. See How much does an Average Sweet Potato weigh? 

2. What is the Average Weight of Chicken Egg as per USDA?

According to USDA, the sizes are based on the weight per dozen. Therefore, the average size of the medium egg is 49.6 grams, which is 1.75 ounces.

3. How are the Standards Set on the Chicken Eggs?

The standards are set by USDA on chicken eggs. These are measured by taking into account the average weight of chicken grades and eggs. The six weight categories are Jumbo, Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small, and Peewee. The grading standards, are denoted by AA, A, or B, considering the appearance and quality of the eggshell, as well as the quality of the yolk and egg white. Read How many Scoville Units is the One Chip Challenge?

4. How is Average Weight of Chicken Egg determined in the United States?

The average weight of every egg in the United States is seen as per the sizes that they are assigned. Let us take a look:

Size Mass per Egg
Jumbo 70.9 Grams
XL Xtra Large 6.8 Grams
Large 56.7 Grams
Medium 49.6 Grams
Small 42.5 Grams
Pewee 35.4 Grams

5. How much is Egg Weight Without Shell?

We have always seen an egg with a shell and thus the weight of an egg is 57 grams. But have you ever imagined how much would egg without the shell would weigh? If the egg is not under the shell then it would weigh about 50 grams. So, how much is the large egg weight without shell? Must read Where can You find Anole Eggs?

6. How much does Egg White Weigh?

Now that we are aware of the egg weight without a shell, you must know that the egg white for bigger eggs would weigh around 30 grams.

7. What are Organic Eggs?

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Nowadays we have been hearing the word, organic a lot. Organic eggs are produced by chickens reared freely without the use of medications or chemicals. Organic eggs are slightly more expensive than commercial eggs due to the additional expenditures connected with satisfying the organic certification requirements. Read Can Foods Make You Shorter? 

8. How much is Chicken Egg Size in Inches long?

The chicken egg size in inches can be 2.5 inches long.

9. How Wide is a Chicken Egg Size?

The chicken egg sizes could be 1.75 inches wide. (See How Big is 4 Inches?)

10. Which is Bigger in Size Egg White or Egg Yolk?

We already know that egg yolks are very caloric and have big sizes. However, this again depends on the different sizes of eggs that you buy. Egg whites have volume but yellow is heavier. Let us see how different sizes of eggs contribute to the difference between egg yolk and egg white.

Medium Size Eggs Large Eggs Extra Large Eggs
White – 0.9 Ounces and 26 Grams White – 1.15 Ounces and 33 Grams White – 1.2 Ounces and 34 Grams
Yolk Weight – 0.45 ounces and 14 Grams Yolk – 0.55 Ounces and 16 Grams Yolk – 0.75 Ounces or 21 Grams
Total Weight – 1.4 Ounces and 40 Grams Total Weight – 1.75 Ounces and 53 Grams Total Weight – 1.95 Ounces and 55 Grams

11. How much is the Large Egg Weight Without Shell?

One large egg would weigh 50 grams which is 1.75 ounces each.

12. How many Calories are there in an Egg?

The number of calories in an egg varies according to its size. And, a tiny egg will contain slightly fewer calories than a large one. The calories are based on the different sizes available.

  • Small Egg – 38 Grams which has 58 Calories
  • Medium Egg – 44 Grams which has 63 Calories
  • Large Egg – 50 Grams which has 72 calories
  • Extra large Egg – 56 Grams which has 80 Calories
  • Jumbo Egg – 63 Grams which has 90 Calories

13. What are the Nutritional Facts of Eggs?

If you consume eggs frequently, you might be curious about their calorie and nutritional value. Let us see them now.

  • 72 Calories
  • 6 Grams of Proteins
  • 5 grams of fat
  • -1 gram of carbohydrates
  • 31% of choline
  • 28% of selenium
  • 21% of vitamin B12
  • 16% of vitamin B2
  • 6% of vitamin D
  • Iron for 5%

14. What Factors influences the Chicken Egg Weight?

The factors that influence the chicken egg weight are the breed of the chicken, the genetic traits of the chicken, the age of the chicken that makes eggs heavier, and the diet of the chicken which includes protein, calcium, and other acids. (Also read How can Cereal Relate to Mixtures and Compounds?)

Large and tiny eggs have very identical nutritional and other characteristics, despite the fact that some chefs prefer larger eggs. The average weight of chicken egg is 49.6 grams to 50 grams. There are a lot of sizes which are available such as small. Medium, XL, and pewee. 

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