What is Meant by Lowes Code 50?

Intercom codes are widely used in Lowe’s stores to inform each other about certain situations without alarming the customers. These codes are like a secret language between the store associates. For further details on the codes, take a look below.
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When you were young, do you remember making secret codes with your friends? There were different codes when you meet friends and play soccer, have sleepovers, have party nights, etc. Interacting through those codes made it easier to understand when you do not want others to know what you are up to. Well, you were not the only one to think so because malls, hospitals, etc. also have their secret codes. Have you ever heard about Lowe’s codes when you visited them? What is Lowes code 50? What is code 50 meaning? Let’s begin and find it out.

1. What is Lowes?

Lowe’s Companies, Inc. is an American retail company providing home improvement products. They also operate in hardware stores, and it is the second-largest hardware chain in the United States. (See Who Owns the Chicago Bears?)

2. What are Lowe’s Codes?

Intercom codes are widely used in Lowe’s stores for communication among employees. These codes are like a secret language between the store associates. They use codes to inform each other about certain situations without alarming or disturbing the customers. There are many codes used at Lowe’s. 

3. What is a Code 3 at Lowes?

When there is an urgent need for more staff members in a certain department, code 3 is announced. It enables idle employees to understand and rush to a particular department. For example, during rush hours, there are more requirements for staff members at the checkout to handle the increasing queue. (See What Does 10-4 Mean?)

4. What is to be done at Code 4?

This code is usually announced after code 99 when there is nothing to worry about. It is to inform the customers and employees that they can relax and everything is under control. Now, you can rest assured and continue with your shopping or checkout. 

5. What is Meant by Lowes Code 50?

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In the department, Lowes code 50 is for the Bay Area. When there is an announcement for code 50, it means that there is a need for more members in the Bay Area. In that situation, employees that are not occupied with some work will rush there. It is mostly done when there is a large consignment and there is a shortage of staff to help with the unloading. (See What is Rue 21 Return Policy?)

6. What is Code 75?

It is the code, particularly for the Lowes parking lot. Employees are requested to reach the parking lot and provide additional assistance with the carts in the parking lot. It mostly happens when customers leave empty carts in the parking lot which disturbs the vehicles.

7. Why is there Code 99?

In case of an unidentified emergency, there will be an announcement mentioning code 99. It is to inform everyone that there is some emergency and everyone, including customers and employees, are required to stay put and wait for the instructions. No one is allowed to leave the store. Check out the 5 Pound Sign Phone Symbol Facts.

8. Is there Code Green?

This code is announced when there is a tense situation in the store. If you hear code green at Lowe’s, be alert that there is a hostage situation in the store. Who knew there would be color codes at Lowe’s other than Lowes code 50? Code Green is to inform the employees and customers to stay calm but alert considering the situation and wait until management sorts this out. 

9. What to do When You Hear Code Yellow?

Well, if you are not with your kid, and you are not a kid yourself, then it is nothing to worry about. Lowe’s announces code yellow when a child pees or threw up, and it needs to be cleaned at once. It is to alert the cleaning staff to reach that particular department where code yellow is announced. (See What are Amazon Routes Built based on?)

10. What is Meant by Code Adam?

There are instances when a child goes missing and parents contact the lost and found department of the store. Code Adam is announced to inform the employees to stop their present work and look for the missing child near them. This helps in fast action throughout the store. But if the search fails, Lowe’s reports the incident to the police. Walmart, amusement parks, retail and department stores, etc. also have the code Adam. 

11. What is Meant by Shoplifting Codes at Lowe’s?

Shoplifting means stealing something from the store. There are certain shoplifting codes shared only among the employees from the department. In case of a shoplifting incident in a particular department, employees communicate secretly through intercoms and this is done such that the suspect is not alerted. It is a secret code and not everyone is familiar with it like that of Lowes code 50. Employees are not required to confront the suspect, they just have to note down their description and vehicle number for assisting in the police investigation. (See 9 Facts About Egyptian Swastika)

12. Does every Store have Codes?

Other than Adam code, there are rarely any intercom codes that are similar in different stores. Every store has its unique way of communicating with each other. The numbers may be the same somewhere but the situation to which they are referred may differ. 

13. What is Other Code 50 Meaning?

Lowes Code 50 has other meanings to it in different departments. But in general, it is a code for a Sales Clerk. Whenever they have to handle any stupid customer who is not behaving properly or not paying properly, etc., the sales clerk announces code 50, and it gets handled by the security.

It is also used in hospitals to announce and inform the medical staff about a medical situation that needs to be attended, to but is not life-threatening. (See What is a billing ZIP code?)

14. What is Code 50 in Police?

There are certain codes in the police department to handle and respond particularly in situations. Code 50 in police means there is a situation in the basic transport department that needs to be attended to. Code 50 here holds a different scenario unlike Lowes code 50. It also confirms that the case is not a serious matter and there is no need for an emergency crew on the location. It reduces miscommunication and wastage of time.

15. Is there other Meaning to Code 50?

The code is applicable in the touring sector where the code is used as an abbreviation for Maximum Stabilized Tour. This code is used by Airmen who want to volunteer for certain United States Bases. The maximum duration of a stabilized tour here is 4 to 5 years. 

So, today you learned about the Lowes code 50 and the reason behind using it. Do you know any other Lowe’s codes other than the one mentioned above? How about sharing it with us? Who knew there could be several code 50 meanings other than the one that is used at Lowe’s? (Also read What do Cherokee Symbols mean?)

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