What Does 10-4 Mean?

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Long conversations can be fun but not when your job involves the security and safety of people. This is the case with the police and military. Have you heard, what does 10-4 mean? This is a term or code needed to communicate incidents or information quickly and accurately. Some pieces of information are confidential, and some need immediate reporting or response, so to do this efficiently, they use codes. You must also have seen a lot of police-related or thriller TV shows and movies that use such codes. Do you remember any such code? Do you know, what does 10-4 mean? If not, let’s find out what is 10-4 meaning and many more through this article.

1. What Does 10-4 Mean? What is 10-4 meaning Military & Police?

10-4 is one of the 10 radio signal codes invented by Public Safety Communications Officials-International. These were created between 1937 and 1940 and are credited to Charles Hopper, Director of Illinois State Police Communications. The police and military use 10 codes to do efficient verbal communication. The number 10 indicates that the number after 10 is a code, like, 10-1, 10-2, 10-4, etc. The codes do differ from state to state or city to city. The general purpose of the 10-4 code in police and military is for acknowledgment. Now that you are aware of what is 10-4 meaning in police and military, let’s know how to respond to it in the next segment. (See Morse Code Uses in Communication)

2. How to Respond to 10-4?

The 10 codes are frequently used by police officers, truckers, and ambulance drivers as a shorthand way of communication. If you are talking to someone over citizens band radio, you may also be required to respond to the codes like 10-4 in certain situations. To do so, you must have an idea that 10-4 means affirmation, OK, or acknowledgment. Also, check out what does it mean when the Text is Green?

For example, if you tell someone through the band that they should keep an eye on the road for dangers. Then, they reply 10-4 and ask you if anything is wrong with the road. You can explain that you saw an overturned truck ahead on the road. If the person replies again with a 10-4, you should also say 10-4 and let them know you are done speaking. (See What does it Mean When someone says Grand Rising?)

3. What does 10-4 mean in Texting?

The term 10-4 may be a police code but it has become very famous as slang among common folks and on the Internet. The usage of this term in TV series and movies may be a reason behind it. It is widely used in texting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other such platforms. It means Okay or Understood. If a person replies to you with 10-4, it means that they have understood your message. For example, if you ask a friend to go to the park at 5 PM and he replies with 10-4, he is OK with the arrangement.  (See What Does K Mean In Text?)

4. What would be a Funny Response to 10-4?

After knowing what does 10-4 mean, let’s learn a funny response to it. The meaning of 10-4 is you are acknowledging the person on the other side. It is a pretty formal code, and it doesn’t have a lot of funny responses associated with it. Though replying to a 10-4 with another 10-4 seems odd and may seem funny to some. (See What Does 42 Mean?)

5. What does 10-3 mean?

10-3 is a part of 10 codes of radio signals. Police use it to communicate efficiently. Its meaning varies from one place to other. It generally means stop transmitting or stand by. For example, two officers were communicating via radio signals. If one of them says 10-3, it means that the other officer should stop transmitting. (See What is Area Code 855?)

6. What is 10-5 meaning?

10-5 is also a part of the 10 codes. They are radio signals used by the police to transmit information over the radio efficiently and without taking much time. The meaning of 10-5 varies but generally, it means relay or relay to/from. For example, if an officer says 10-5 alpha to another officer, the officer wants the other officer to relay the given information to alpha. (See What does 4 score and 7 years ago mean?)

7. What is a 10-6 Police Code?

10-6 is a part of 10 codes and is also used to efficiently communicate over radio signals. It is used by mainly police officers. It means busy or busy-unless urgent. If a police officer transmits 10-6, he is busy and shouldn’t be contacted if it’s not urgent. Also, check out the uses of police red and blue lights.

8. What is 10-7 meaning?

The 10 codes also include 10-7. It is used by police officers nationally and internationally to transmit information concisely and timely. The meaning of 10-7 is out of service. It is police lingo used when the signal is out of service. Must read about the Mounted Police Jobs.

9. What is 10-8 meaning?

10-8 is among the hundreds of codes used by the police which means in-service or available for assignment. The cops say it when they are available to do a service or assignment. If the police control room asks which officer can deal with the robbery aftermath in block X, an officer replies 10-8. It means they are available to do the task. (See What City in the United States uses the AreaAcode 800?)

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