What impression do tattoos give?

What People Really Think About Tattoos? What Impression do Tattoos give?

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  1. According to a first impression study, tattoos make women seem more promiscuous. According to the study, men believe that they can easily have sex with a woman with a tattoo.

  2. They make women less attractive

    According to a study by researchers at the University of Liverpool, tattoos make women seem less attractive and less desirable to men. (See What makes a woman physically attractive to a man?)

  3. They give a bad impression in job interviews

    According to a study, tattoos can give the wrong impression during a job interview and can even lead to the loss of the job. Tattoos can give the impression that a person is unprofessional and untidy.

  4. They make men seem dangerous

    Women might find tattooed men more attractive as a result of the dangerous appeal tattoos give. Women usually like the strong, protective and dominant man. This is why a dangerous looking man might be more appealing to women.

  5. They make men look intimidating

    A tattoo can make a male seem more intimidating to both women and other males. This is why tattoos could result in adding a layer of respect to the man who has it. (See What do women find attractive in men?)

  6. Makes the man look tough

    Tattoos usually reflect the impression that the person who has them is tough. The process of obtaining a tattoo involves a lot of pain, and as a result, only a tough person can withstand it.

  7. Tattoos reflect better genetic qualities

    The process of getting a Tattoo requires a high level of pain tolerance and good genetics to avoid potential infection. Women might believe that a Tattooed man has better genetic quality and this makes that man more attractive to them.

  8. Make women seem like heavy drinkers

    According to a study, people believed that women were more likely to be heavy drinkers when they had tattoos over their bodies.

  9. Can make a man look like a bad boy

    Tattoos can give men the bad boy impression; thus making them seem more attractive to women.

  10. The kind of tattoo affects the impression

    The kind of Tattoo a person gets affects the impression people form of them. The impression also depends on the viewer’s beliefs about those particular drawings and about Tattoos in general.

  11. Visible tattoos are bad for career

    Visible tattoos, on the arms, for example, might give a bad impression to employers and might affect their decision to hire the tattooed person.

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