JAN23 What does MTN Laurel Assc Ins Prem Stands for

What does MTN Laurel Assc Ins Prem Stands for?

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MTN refers to the Mountain Laurel Insurance company which offers insurance for all automobiles and vehicles in the United States of America. This is a trusted insurance company that operates in Pennsylvania and gives insurance through online mode as well. Just like it is important for you to hold a vehicle it is also important for you to have vehicle insurance. In this article, we will learn about MTN Laurel Assc ins prem and more detailed information about MTN Laurel Associates insurance.

1. What does the MTN Laurel Assc ins prem stand for?

MTN Laurel Assc ins prem refers to the short form for Mountain Laurel Associates insurance premium. (See What Makes and Enforces Public Policy in Real?)

2. Where is MTN Laurel Assc ins Prem based?

This company is based in Cleveland, Ohio. The organization, which was founded in 1991, offers products for home and liability insurance. It functions as a Progressive Direct Holdings subsidiary. The executive management team is in charge of running the business. 

3. Is MTN Laurel Associates Insurance a Subsidiary Company?

Yes, it is a subsidiary company of progressive and direct holdings inc.

4. What was the Credit Rating given to Mountain Laurel?

MTN Laurel Ass achieved Aa rating which signifies that it offers low risk and high quality to the customers. Learn What does ACH hold FPB CR Card Internet Mean?

5. How is Mountain Laurel Insurance Progressive Connected?

As mentioned earlier in the article, Mountain Laurel Insurance Progressive is a division of Progressive Casualty Insurance. Therefore, currently, the company is being managed and under the supervision of the executive management team. Additionally, they provide various insurance-related services as well as insurance for private vehicles in the US. 

6. What is the Main Motive of the Mountain Laurel Association Company?

The mountain laurel insurance progressive subsidiary has the motto to assist in figuring out how much protection you require, how much you can afford in the event of a claim, and how to get the most for your money. Physical injury and property damage liability, full insurance, crash coverage, bankrupt or underinsured motorist coverage, and other optional types of coverage, such as accessory coverage, rental reimbursement, and pet injury coverage, are all included in automobile insurance plans. Check out What does the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation do?

7. What is the Mountain Laurel Address?

The mountain laurel is based in Ohio. The address would be 6300 Wilson Mills Road, Mayfield Village. 

8. Is Mountain Laurel Insurance Tennessee there?

Yes, Mountain Laurel Insurance Tennessee is based in Cleveland and provides services in Cleveland, Tennessee, and Mississippi. Read What is the Main Purpose of the Seven-Pay Test?

9. How many Employees does Mountain Laurel Company have?

They have in total of 501 employees. 

10. What is the Net Worth of Mountain Laurel?

Mountain Laurel Insurance Tennessee annually generates $170.6M in revenue. Must see Is bee.com a Cryptocurrency?

11. Where is the Headquarter of Mountain Laurel?

MTN Laurel Assc ins prem headquarters are based in Mayfield Ohio

12. Is the Rating of Mountain Laurel Good?

Yes, it is very good. They have been rated specifically by S&P. The rating was given as AA. (See What is an Example of Real Account?)

13. Does Mountain Laurel have a Website?

In particular, MTN Laurel Assc Ins Prem doesn’t have a website. If you need to locate the provider, you must conduct your search through a forward-thinking regional commercial division. They do, however, have a physical location in Ohio and a contact number that could be useful. 

14. What Kind of Discounts are Offered in Mountain Laurel?

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The discounts are offered with the help of progressive insurance. They offer discounts such as-

  • Bundling Discounts – You can save money through this if you have two or more progressive discounts.
  • Driving Discounts – This discount is for the best driving. This is done through the progressive snapshot program. This means that you must have safe driving techniques.
  • Paperless Discounts – With the help of progressive insurance. You can have a discount even though mountain laurel does not have a website. You can sign the policy documents online to save paper.

15. Can I Cancel my MTN Laurel Assc Ins Prem Online?

No, you cannot cancel an auto insurance policy with Mountain Laurel Assc Ins prem online. However, you can always use the official Progressive website to do so. The best course of action is to get in touch with the agent and cancel your assignment if you plan to remain in the same state, such as Ohio. 

16. How to File a Claim for a Car in Mountain Laurel Insurance Progressive?

There is a similar policy as you did with the cancellation. You always have to reach out to progressive for any assistance in the case of mountain laurel online. The only thing that you will do is sign in as a policyholder and report a claim on the progressive website. On the same website, you can also view the status of your claim and you can also call your agent directly.

Progressive Insurance’s subsidiary, MTN Laurel Assc ins prem, is an insurance provider. Progressive insurance is required for any online transaction made from Mountain Laurel. This is due to the lack of a website for them. They specialize in auto insurance, and their credit score is excellent. In the event of discounts or claims from mountain laurel, you will need to contact a specific agent. (Also read Is It Difficult to Get Operator License Indiana?)

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