What Makes and Enforces Public Policy in Real?

Who executes Public Policy? Who makes Public Policy? Who makes Government Laws and Public Policies? What is a Public Health Policy?
what makes and enforces public policy
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The policy in which the government has control over, the orders and needs of the citizens which are laid down in the constitution is public policy. This policy is not tangible because it has a collection of laws, rules, and regulations which is conquered through the political process. The United States of America has made some crucial changes in regard to the healthcare system. The government said every individual is supposed to have health insurance. So, do you know what makes and enforces public policy? Let us learn about the policies which a society makes and enforces its public policies.

1. What Makes and Enforces Public Policy?

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Who makes the public policy? We know that public policy is set up by the government i.e. by any public official. They are not biased and do not have a problem in making the action possible that has been taken. The public policy enforcement carried on by the executive branch, they are the reason for the existence of the public policy. The president, VP, cabinet, and all the federal agencies enforce the policy. (See Why do We Need a Government?)

2. What is the Role of the People who enforce Public Policy?

Now we know what makes and enforces public policy, i.e the government officials, so, let us see what they do in the enforcement of the policy.

  • The cabinet and the federal agencies carry day to day activities for policy enforcement.
  • The president is a manager. He puts forth the idea of how executives must work with their given priorities.
  • The federal employees would do the other part of the enforcement law.
  • They help in gaining trust and seek cooperation within society.
  • They pave the way for common action.

3. Does the Executive Branch Enacts and Enforce the Policy?

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Yes, in the United States, what makes and enforces public policy is the executive branch. They differ from agency to agency. (See Why does the Texas Constitution create a Fragmented Executive Branch?)

4. Who makes the Public Policy? 

What makes and enforces public policy? Public policy is made by government officials or agencies. These policies take time for the government to make a decision. Policies can vary from one person to another, although they can be negative and positive. They make citizens act the way they like. They are legally enforced and a lot of bodies are involved in them. Check out the 9 features of indirect democracy.

5. Is Public Policy Important?

Public policy is very important for the welfare of the citizens. We know the bodies that make public policy involve government and the regular citizens. The government changes in some years as also the positions which are held by the majority in those terms of office. The politicians come and go but the policies which are put already there cannot be removed. Therefore, it is very important to vote for the person carefully because eventually, it’s everything the normal citizens have to face. (See Why making Political Allies is a Key Strategy for Lobbyists?)

6. What are Examples of Public Policies?

The examples of public policy are nothing but the day-to-day activities that a person does.

  • The restriction and acceptance of abortion.
  • Arms and ammunition rights give the right to people to carry guns.
  • Taxes are imposed by government officials on the common public.
  • Any law pertaining to the wage rate or the hours which the employees are working.

7. Which Institution Makes and Enforces the Policies?

The Government is the main entity in which a society makes and enforces its public policies. Must see Consumer Protection Laws and Regulations USA.

8. What can be Considered a Public Health Policy?

The public health policy is laid down with certain laws and guidelines which make the population healthy. The policies implemented are for the well-being of the citizens of that particular country. It ensures that the goals are met especially health goals provide different health services and improve the population as a whole. Public policies are made on different levels such as communities, state, and countrywide. Some major steps in the public health policy include creating awareness for the people who smoke and making them conscious of their physical fitness. (See Which countries have unlimited government?)

9. What are the Types of Public Policies?

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Public policies are of four types which include Distributive, Regulatory, Constituent, and Redistributive policies. Must read What were the Strengths of the Articles of Confederation? 

10. Is Public Policy made at All Levels?

The body we know who makes the public policy is the government and yes, they are made at all levels which are municipal, state, and federal. They make decisions on behalf of the public. Public policy ideas are often established outside the government; however, the policies are created by the government. They address some major issues such as safety, health, and other welfare programs. They carry all the judicial powers. 

Public policy is where the government does everything for the welfare of the people. They make policies and undertake other important decisions judicially. These are laid down by government officials, executives, and other federal agencies, which a society makes and enforces its public policies. Policymaking and problem-solving is the main motive while creating public policy. (See What are Two Types of Oligarchies?)

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