Why do We Need a Government?

What is the Purpose of Government in Simple Terms? What are Responsibilities of Government to Citizens? What is the Role of Government in Citizens Life?

There should not be anybody who hasn’t heard about the government after all the countries are ruled by one. A government is a political system that administers and regulates a country or a community. The idea of a government has been imbibed in society for ages. Everybody is okay with a body ruling over them. But why can’t we be free from any political system? Why do we have to follow laws made by the government? And most importantly why do we need a government? This article here gives all the answers to these questions that have bugged you before. Read and learn why do we need a government for the citizens and the world.

1. Why do We need a Government?

A government is a central political system that monitors and regulates the actions of its citizens as well as provides them with protection and services. There isn’t just one form of government, there are many. Different types of government function differently and their functions can be altered according to the preferences and culture of the mass it governs. Additionally, the government develops and enforces a variety of rules, laws, and regulations. The following pointers explain why do we need a government very efficiently:

  • Social Reason- A government ensures that individuals will not obstruct the private rights of other individuals as well as protects their legal rights as citizens. For example, the government creates social regulations regarding workplace safety, travel or transportation, etc.
  • Economic Reason- The regulations set by the government deal with the financial affairs of institutions as well as individuals. For example, price-setting regulations, tax guidelines, and schedules, investing guidelines, rules for a retirement fund, etc.
  • Public Services- Public services are governed by the regulations developed and enforced by the government. For example, public services like the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Energy, or the Department of Education work on the regulations of the government.
  • Industry Product- Government regulates the actions of corporations and institutions through economic and social regulations set by it. For example, bureaucratic agencies like the Food and Drug Administration are responsible for enforcing such regulations.

2. What is the Purpose of Government in Simple Terms?

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Now that you know why do we need a government, let’s further analyze what is the purpose of government in simple terms. In history, not all societies had a government. But over time, the size of the society enlarged, and maintaining the society became difficult. And this is where the concept of government came in. The purpose of government is the following:

  • To Establish Law- A government is a legitimate authority that establishes a law all people must follow. It holds the power to punish the offenders of the law.
  • To Maintain Security and Order- A government is responsible for protecting its citizens and diminishing the crime rates in society.
  • To Protect from External Threats- To protect its citizens from threats originating from outside its state’s border, a government has the power to use military, diplomatic actions, and international agreements.
  • To Provide General Welfare- A government launches various programs and schemes to ensure the happiness, health, and prosperity of its citizens.

3. Why is Government Important as an Act of Governing?

Now that you are done understanding what is the purpose of government in simple terms, it’s only correct to explore the importance of government as an act of governing. A government as an act of governance is tremendously important because it is vital for the establishment as well as maintenance of law and order.

With the absence of law and order, a state or nation will be filled with chaos and rebellions. A government ensures the safety and security of its citizens. It is responsible for building and maintaining infrastructures like hospitals, roads, schools, etc. Without proper infrastructure a country’s development is impossible. Lastly and most importantly a government has the power to regulate as well as manage a country’s economy. (See Why is Government Necessary?)

4. What are the 7 Functions of the Government?

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These points define the 7 basic functions of a government which will explain why do we need a government in more detail:

  • It has the role of providing public goods and services which are available to all and no one can be excluded from getting the good or service. For example, public defense.
  • It has the duty to manage and interfere with externalities which can be both positive as well as negative. For example, the government handles positive externalities like education, health care, etc. It also deals with negative externalities like global warming, overfishing, etc.
  • The government acts as a major driver for specific industries and investments. For example, countries like Germany invest in late startups to expand their businesses. It leads to growing businesses and more employment.
  • The government is responsible for regulating the market. It needs to ensure that incomes are disturbed as equally as possible. For example, income tax is used as a measure to ensure equality.
  • Another important role of the government is to control its expenditures and income. Its income is mostly acquired from taxes and fees and its most common expenditures are administration costs, social security, education, and public defense. This is known as the federal budget of the government.
  • Its key role is to ascertain the taxation system as well as to determine its effect on social and economic equality. For example, income tax, property tax, etc.
  • A government is required to provide its citizens with social security like pensions, basic income, disability insurance, etc. 

5. What is the Role of Government?

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A government serves a multitude of roles. It establishes and implements the law, order, and security. It raises funds through fees and taxes and provides its citizens with services like military defense, education, social services, fire and police departments, etc. It also provides its citizens with social and national security. Economic security is provided to the citizens through different acts and laws. (See What are the Southern Colonies Government?)

6. What are the Main Roles of Government?

Why do we need a government? The government has multiple roles in society and the major ones are listed below:

  • To maintain law and order.
  • To ensure the security of its citizens.
  • To prioritize the preservation of nature and the environment.
  • To stabilize the economy and redistribute income.
  • To provide public goods and services.
  • To provide the social and legal framework on which the country functions.
  • To correct for externalities.
  • To collect taxes.

7. What are the Three Basic Roles of a Government?

After understanding why do we need a government, it’s time to understand the three basic roles of a government-

  • To provide leadership as well as maintain law and order.
  • To provide public services.
  • And lastly, it provides economic as well as national security.

8. What is the Role of Government in Citizens Life?

The government has a lot of roles toward the citizens of its country. It needs to preserve law and order and keep society peaceful. It needs to protect the lives and property of its citizens. It needs to promote people’s cultural as well as social life. It needs to preserve basic human rights like the right to life, property, liberty, etc. It needs to protect its citizens from external attacks and thus is required to establish positive external ties.

The government needs to ensure that the economy of the country is efficient and take measures for growing the economy. To know what are responsibilities of government to citizens in today’s time, dive into the next point. Learn Why making Political Allies is a Key Strategy for Lobbyists?

9. What are Responsibilities of Government to Citizens?

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A government is responsible to protect its citizens from conflicts and to do so it should maintain law and order. It shouldn’t just protect individuals from one another but should organize to prevent external attacks on its citizens. It needs to ensure that the country’s economy is efficient because without an efficient economy the citizens will suffer. With these points, you should have understood what are the responsibilities of the government to the citizens of its country. (See Which countries have unlimited government?)

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