Why is Government Necessary?

What is the most important purpose of government? Why do we need government?
  1. To protect the Abuse of Power

    Having no governments in a country will inevitably lead to the abuse of power. There is a huge possibility that it could turn out into big chaos by not authorizing the controls to a particular group or an authority. At the same time, it is also not advisable to provide them with excessive power to misuse it.

    One of those reasons is that power is shared in democratic countries that are legislative, executive, and judiciary, to avoid corruption and hold the balance of power.

  2. To protect privacy

    Although the state has a full-fledged right to protect its citizens, it should not hinder their privacy. In some authorised countries, the rights of people have been impeded in the name of security and peace. It is understandable to allow the Government to know about yourself on specific occasions, but enforcing you to share too much personal information is unacceptable.

    Layman’s personal information can be misused due to which they are tortured or blackmailed and even given life threats; this is why minimal Government is a requisite for a country.

  3. To avoid Bureaucratic Red Tape

    The Government plays a crucial role in minimizing the hassle and red tape. Giving excessive control and powers to any agencies or authorities may become one of the primary reasons for the logjam in trade and commerce. They may take a very long time to complete all paperwork and provide the permits.

  4. For allowing the business to flourish

    Business can only grow and prosper with the help of the Government. As the government policies immensely determine the functioning of the business.

    In most cases, it has been observed that the state is a poor business partner and are not familiar with the current business atmosphere as we all are aware that the government agencies are scandalous for demonstrating their inefficiency in the volatile environment. It is one of the primary reasons why businesses do not want to administration to step in.

  5. To prevent malfeasance

    Corruption is the most evident part that is seen and proven in almost every country worldwide. It becomes one of the predominant reasons why, in some cases, people trust private companies more than state government companies be it constructing a road, railway, bridge, etc.

    To kick back the money and fill in their pockets, the unscrupulous government officials get low-quality products. Whereas, the possibility of all these cases reduces t a great extent where minimal Government is involved, which is why they are necessary.

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