What Color goes with Camo Green?

What Color is Camo Green? Is there a Color that matches Green Camo Shorts? What Color is Dark Forest Green? What is the Best Color for Camouflage?

There are so many colors if you just look around but do you know what each and every one of them is called? Let us take green as an example and you would see that there are shades and tones and if the hue, warmth, saturation, vibrancy, and vignette are changed even a bit, a new color is formed all of a sudden. Then comes camo green which is another pattern most people use nowadays. But what color is camo green, which color matches with green camo shorts, and what color goes with camo green? Diving into these questions and more below.

1. What Color is Camo Green?

Color is known as a property that is possessed by any object that produces different sensations in the eye as a result of how it reflects or emits light. Camo green is a color that belongs to the Dark Spring Green family, which has a hexadecimal color #177245, a medium-dark shade that comes as a part of green-cyan. So there is a definite answer for what color is camo green and that goes with the hexadecimal code #78866b which comes as a shade of green. Also as an answer to why hex is used as a color code, this is because it is a 6-symbol code that is made of up to three two-symbol elements. (See What color is camouflage?)

2. What Color goes with Camo Green?

As an answer to what color goes with camo green, it is established that camo green is a color that is shade of green, being part of the RGB color model has a mix of medium saturation and medium saturation. Now a few combination colors that go well with camo green are listed as follows:

  • Camo green and beige is the best combination out there that gives a subtle look with elegance at par.
  • Camo green and navy blue is a popular combination among many as well.
  • Camo green and black because what doesn’t look good with black!
  • Camo green and white pairs up well too and gives an aesthetic look to the fit.

3. What Matches with Green Camo Shorts?

When it is summer how can one forget camo shorts? These are very comfortable in the hot weather and even as an individual part of clothing is a pretty good choice. Now, let us look at what color goes with camo green shorts.

  • Plains: These consist of plain colors as these go with the printed camo shorts as they have multiple colors of the same shade and these could be white, cream, beige, navy, or something neutral. These can also come under neutral print mixing which is done by many around the globe.
  • Brights: Wearing bright colors that are plain also goes with the green camo shorts which include yellow, sky blue, burgundy, pink, or purple. This is known as bold print mixing with these bright colors and also patterns can be used to make it a bit funkier.
  • Pastels: Anything with pastels make it instantly better and it is the same case with these green camo shorts. Any pastel like pink, yellow, green, or blue may go really well with the green camo shorts.

4. Does Blue go with Camo Green?

What color goes with camo green? Yes! Blue is one of the colors that go really well with camo green and this is not just a particular shade of blue but more or less all shades and tints, be it neutrals or pastels can go well and matches with green camo shorts. Some shades that are known to go with this are as follows:

  • Navy: This is a dark shade of blue color and one should be careful not to mistake it for black as the shades may seem similar. Navy color is known to have a hex code of #000080. This is a neutral color that is commonly paired with it.
  • Royal blue: This is much more vivid and lighter than navy blue but at the same time is deep. The hex code for royal blue is #4169e1. This color will go well as a plain shirt or tee rather than printed.
  • Chambray: Chambray is another shade of blue which is a mid-tone, shaded, stormy blue which has a navy undertone having a hex code of #9eb4d3. There are also questions arising from this color to see if this comes along the lines of blue or grey.

5. Does Grey match with Camo?

Yes. Grey is another color that pairs well with camo. You might have seen that people in the army and military use this kind of patterned outfits as they are easily camouflaged and are safe from their enemies. This outfit is now being used by many fashion styles and has been in the market for a long time.

So, what color goes with camo green? Grey being a neutral color merges well with camo. If the tee or shirt is plain without any patterns then it is bound to give a classy look because when a pattern is paired with plains then it doesn’t look too over the top and has a good look to it. This camo can be paired with neutral grey sneakers as well to give the outfit a bit more defined structure. Check out What do Mexican People Wear?

6. Does Red match with Camo?

Absolutely, red being such a bright, bold, and vibrant color makes the whole outfit shine when paired with camo. This can be worn as a t-shirt and a jacket or even better, as red shoes, because why not? If you are going for a red t-shirt then it can be paired with black or grey shoes and if you’re going for a red jacket then a black, grey, or white t-shirt suffices. If the whole of the outfit is with camo and neutrals then you could go bold with the shoes and red sneakers shoes will be the best to do the job. Check out what color does Red and Purple Make?

7. What Colors look Good with Green?

What color goes with camo green? There are tons of color schemes that can be made up around green and some are as follows:

  • Green and green: As odd as it may sound green with other greens can go really well together such as mint greens and emeralds or jade green and chartreuse. This will make up a monochromatic color scheme that would be pleasing and aesthetic to the eyes and mind.
  • Yellow and green: This duo has been together for a long time now and brings zesty energy to whatever it is used for. Chartreuse and sage green are a transition that is pretty aesthetic.
  • Red and green: The complementary colors that have been made for each other and have been in use all around the globe and this combination is much more than Christmas and Santa Claus.
  • White and green: A very elegant duo that adds freshness to the atmosphere is white along with green. Shades from dark to light greens can go well with white as there is no discrimination.

8. What is the Color Code for Dark Green?

The color code for dark green which is generally known as HTML color code is #006400 which can be considered as a strong and dark yellowish green shade the hex code for this is #023020 and has been used by popular and expensive car brands which include Lamborghini, Porsche, and Ferrari. There are also many colors that are great combinations when paired with dark green and some of these include the following:

  • Brown
  • Gray
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Other shades and tints of green

9. What Color is Dark Forest Green?

Dark forest green is a color that is a part of the family of dark green. This has the color code #002d04 and is low on brightness and high on saturation and that is what sets it apart from normal dark green. The dark first green is the color that is commonly found in nature as it has a dark green hue to it and to make this color from any shade of green is to add yellow and blue to the green and a little bit of purple or black can also be added to get the desired color. (See What does orange and green make?)

10. What is the Best Color for Camouflage?

Camouflage is known to be the disguise of military personnel, installations, or equipment and this is achieved by painting or covering them so that they can blend in with the surroundings. To do so colors that are not bright and vibrant are selected so they do not attract focus from others. Some that are used are splotches of army green, grey and brown.

The scheme of the Army Combat Uniform is composed of tan (officially named Desert Sand 500), grey (Urban Gray 501), and sage green (Foliage Green 502). And for the night, camouflage colors along the lines of brown yellow khaki, olive, beige, dark chestnut, green-brown, dark slate grey, and charcoal are used and done in a way that the functionality and purpose of it are achieved. 

This article aimed to give a bit of information regarding camo color, what color is camo green, what matches with green camo shorts, the color code for dark green, and lastly what color goes with camo green. (See 20 camouflage colors and patterns)

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