What Color does Red and Purple Make?

What is Color Mixing? What Color does Red and Purple make? Do you think Red and Purple are an unusual combination for Interiors? How do you mix Red and Purple? What does Red and Orange make? What does Orange and Green make?

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You live in a world full of colors and the different shades of colors in nature fascinate everyone. To express these colors in their art, artists use color pigments. Nearly 40000 years ago artists invented pigments. These pigments were a combination of soil, animal fat, burnt charcoal, and animal fat. They created a basic five-color palette of red, yellow, black, white, and brown. Today the art world is filled with more than millions of pigments. All these pigments are a result of the art of mixing colors. Some color combinations are known to us and some aren’t. Do you know what color does red and purple make? If you mix red and purple or purple and yellow or red or green they sure give you some unusual color combinations. Read the article and get all the answers.

1. What do you get When you Mix Red and Purple? 

Red, yellow, and blue are the three primary colors and when mixed them, they will give you several color combinations. So, what color does red and purple make? When you mix equal quantities of red and blue primary colors then you get purple which is a secondary color. If you mix red and purple then the resultant colors will be berry and magenta colors. (See How many Colors are in the Rainbow?)

2. What color does Red and Purple make on Hair?

Hair colors are quite the trendsetter nowadays. Even if you dress simple, great hair color can work as a statement piece for you. Red and purple hair colors are all over social media now. They are a fascinating combo as they complement each other well. Some even mix red and purple hair dyes for their final hair color.

If before getting your hair color done you want to know what color does red and purple make in hair dyes then you are at the right place. Mixing these colors produce the best gradient. If you mix red and purple dyes then you will get a different purple than before. The magic here lies in the red color. If you mix a darker red with purple it will give you stronger purple hair color and if you go for a lighter red it will give you a softer purple. (Also read What is a Mood Ring?)

3. What are the Different Combinations of Red and Purple?

If you mix red and purple in the same intensity they produce a color similar to magenta or mauve. This color looks like a reddish-purple as purple also has red as its base color. Do you know what color does red and purple make when added in different intensities? Here you will get colors like wine, plum, grape, magenta, rose berry, mulberry, boysenberry, and more by mixing these two colors. (See Why does Black Absorb more Heat?)

4. How to mix Red and Purple?

The color wheel has lots of colors and mixing them creates other fascinating colors. If you look at the color wheel you will find that red falls under the primary color section and purple under the secondary color section which you have created by mixing red and blue in the same ratios. If you mix red and purple together then you will get a magenta or reddish-purple color, but the results of mixing these colors aren’t just limited to magenta. If you notice the color wheel, it has a lot of shades of purple color. So apart from what color does red and purple make, you must know how to maintain ratios of the colors while mixing. If you mix them in the correct ratio you can get colors like magenta, grape, wine, plum, and the like. Also, check out the article on the art of teaching art.

5. What are some Product Combinations that use Red and Purple?

Do you what color does red and purple make in makeup products? You must have seen brands like Maybelline, Faces Canada, Lakme, and the like use lipstick shades of mauve, plum, magenta, and the like. These are some famous shades produced by mixing red and purple. Similarly, the color combinations of red and purple are used in makeup products, clothes, accessories, decor, and even in product packaging. (See What are Rubies made of?)

6. Unusual Color Combo: Red and Purple Interiors

Red and purple colors are not commonly used in interiors but if you have a hinge for it then it can very well work for you.  Purple color is a combination of red and blue so being a mother color red can dominate purple in presentation. This domination may not feel very pleasant to your eyes so you need to free purple from red. To do this use red accents around the purple color palette not the other way around as using purple accents is way more difficult and messy. Combine colors like lavender with bright red to create a greater contrast. It will give your living space an edge and will also turn heads here and there. Also, check out the interior design of the Coloured Glass Blocks.

7. What does Red and Violet make?

In the color wheel red is a primary color and violet is a secondary color. When you mix these colors you get a tertiary color or intermediate color. By mixing red and violet you get red-violet color, which is a reddish tone of purple. You can make these colors redder by increasing the ratio of red in them and can make them more violet by increasing the ratio of purple in them. On a different note, have you ever wondered, why do Bulls hate red?

8. Red and Blue make What Color?

As you know red, yellow, and blue are the three primary colors in the painting world, so when you mix two of these primary colors blue and red together you get a secondary color, which is purple or violet. By changing the percentages of blue or red in the color you get different shades of violet or purple. (See Which fruit has a blue color?)

9. What does Yellow and Red make?

Both red and yellow are among the primary three colors present today and when these two warm tones are mixed they produce a beautiful orange color. It is a given that orange is a secondary color as it is a combination of two primary colors. Orange is a warm-toned, cozy, versatile, and vibrant color and it is a symbol of youth and joy. It is also used to highlight things, and bring depth, and dimension. Many brands use this color in these logos as it screams power. (See Which color is obtained by mixing red and yellow colors?)

10. What does Red and Orange make?

When a primary color and secondary color are mixed together they produce a tertiary color and here the resultant color is red-orange. In other terms, the product of mixing equal parts of red and orange will give you red-orange and it is just a redder form of orange. You can use this color to paint natural sunsets. (See What are the top 10 favorite colors?)

11. What does Red and Green make?

When all primary colors red, blue, and yellow are mixed it results in brown color. The color green is a mixture of blue and yellow. Red and green contain the essence of all the major colors. So, when you mix green and red together they also form a brownish color. (Also read What Orders do the Rasta Colors Go In?)

12. What does Orange and Green make?

Both green and orange are secondary colors. Green is made by mixing primary colors blue and yellow whereas orange is made by mixing primary colors red and yellow. Whenever you mix all primary colors you get brownish colors. Since orange and green have the essence of all primary colors thus when they are mixed together they produce a brownish hue. (Also read What does Orange and Green make?)

13. What color does Purple and Yellow make?

Purple and yellow are complementary colors and their combinations are very eye-catching. Since they are both complementary colors mixing them will give you dark brownish colors. Purple and yellow have the essence of all primary colors and as you know by mixing primary colors you get a brownish hue. Also, read to know why are bright colors eye-catching?

Painting and colors truly work like stress-relievers and there are many benefits of color therapy too. Playing with colors not only makes you happy but also breaks your creative blockage. Now you read all about what color does red and purple make and how to mix them. So get your paints, mix them, and start expressing yourself with your art. There is no better and more effective expression than art. (See Types of Trees with Purple Flowers)

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