What are the top 10 favorite colors?

Alex Williams
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  1. Blue

    Blue emerges as the favourite colour all over the world. The reason is entirely predictable, as the colour of the sky, the sea is Blue! So why should not you cherish this colour? There are plentiful shades of Blue colour, including Navy Blue (the darkest one), Sky-Blue (the lightest one), and it is considered a non-threatening colour that can seem conservative and traditional.

  2. Black

    Black is the darkest colour and is a favourite colour of many people in various parts of the world. It is the combination of all the colours and is most commonly visible in our own reflection as the colour of our shadow. It is a colour without hue, just like White and Grey.

  3. Red

    Red signifies love and passion. Even Red roses are often given to loved ones. Red is also the symbol of danger or caution and is mostly chosen by extroverts. It is a visible colour and can attract or distract anyone. Red brings positivity and also helps you calm down.

  4. Pink

    Pink is often admired by most girls and is also known as Girl’s favourite colour. Not only girls but it undoubtedly a captivating colour that can behold your attention. It is often said that if Pink is your favourite colour, you might be kind and generous to others’ needs.

  5. Yellow

    Yellow is a luminous colour having ample significance in everyone’s lives. How? The colour of the sunlight is Yellow! Not only this, but it is also the colour of optimism, hope, happiness, and enlightenment. You might have also noticed, it is the colour in smiley faces/emojis, as this colour cheers you up whenever you are sad or feeling low. (See Which colour is obtained by mixing red and yellow colours?)

  6. Grey

    Grey is neutral, balanced, and also considered an unemotional colour. It is an intermediate colour between white and black. This colour has more than 50 shades and is also symbolized as formal, sophisticated, and conservative.

  7. Orange

    Orange is a crisp and vibrant colour. At the same time, it stimulates creativity and enthusiasm. You might not know, but lady luck’s richness is also Orange and applying Orange fruit to your skin makes your skin glow comprehensively.

  8. White

    Although many people consider white as a new and mysterious colour, it is the colour of purity, gratitude, and kindness. In some cultures, it is white is worn at funerals. The white colour matches with almost everything and is an indication of loyal love.

  9. Green

    Green is the colour of nature. Usually, it is the favourite colour of well-balanced people.  This colour quickly attracted the eyes and is considered to be the most restful colour. It symbolizes self-respect and well-being. (See Why are bright colours eye-catching?)

  10. Brown

    Brown is a dark, calming, and not too vibrant colour. It is produced by combining red, black, and yellow pigments. Brown has many shades, such as chocolate brown, seal brown, sandy brown, and many others. The best part about this colour is its relation to quality in everything and is the colour of physical comfort and simplicity.

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