What are the disadvantages of being tall?

What are the worst parts of being Tall? What are the disadvantages of being tall?

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  1. 1 No leg space

    Tall people might face problems when trying to sit because of not being able to put their legs anywhere. A tall person usually needs a big space to sit comfortably.

  2. 2 Higher chance of breaking a bone

    Studies have claimed that tall people have a higher chance of breaking a bone (See how to make your bones stronger).

  3. 3 Higher chance of developing a blood clot in the leg

    A study found that tall people had a significantly higher chance of developing a blood clot in their legs. According to the study, one fatal type of blood clot was 2.57 more likely to happen to people who are at least 6 ft tall.

  4. 4 Tall people are more likely to get back pain

    Tall people have a higher chance of developing back pain, as they are more likely to slouch often. Slouching increases the risk of disc injury and back pain.

  5. 5 Less pool of males to choose from

    A tall woman might have a less chance of attracting a male since most short men will avoid her, and she might also be looking for a tall man (see what do women find attractive in men).

  6. 6 Higher chance of getting cancer

    Some studies have claimed that tall people have a bigger chance of developing cancer. The fact that cancer happens as a result of uncontrolled cell growth, and that taller people have a larger number of cells might be the cause.

  7. 7 The bed might be short

    Tall people might have problems sleeping at night if their beds aren't long enough for them to stretch their legs.

  8. 8 Have problems fitting in small cars

    Tall people usually have problems fitting in small cars.

  9. 9 A higher chance of banging the head in the ceiling

    Tall people are at a higher risk of hitting their head in the ceiling, lamps or other objects that aren't positioned high enough for them to pass under.

  10. 10 Hard time finding clothes

    A tall person might have a problem finding clothes that match their height, especially if they are very tall.

  11. 11 Using more resources

    A tall person might need to use more resources than a short person. To bathe, for example, a tall person will use more water and soap (See the advantages of being tall).

  12. 12 Can intimidate people unintentionally

    A tall person might intimidate others unintentionally; thus affecting his social life.

  13. 13 People can't see if they sit behind a tall person

    A tall person can get many complaints inside theaters because the people sitting behind them might not see well.

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