What are Swastik on Main Door Benefits?

What is Swastik? How do you keep a Swastik? Where do you put the Swastik on the Main Door? What are its Benefits?

In Sanskrit, the ancient Hindu language, the meaning of Swastik is well-being, good luck, good existence, etc. Additionally, a Swastik also means auspicious and pure. This symbol looks like a cross but with four arms bent towards the right angle. For millennia, this symbol has been used by Hindus, Jains, and Buddhists. This isn’t just a simple symbol it has a lot of facts and benefits associated with it. In this article learn things related to Swastik, like what are Swastik on main door benefits, or where to put the Swastik on the main door.

1. What Should be Kept in Front of Main Door?

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According to Vastu, these are the things that should be kept in front of the main door.

  • On every house’s main door, there should be a nameplate. For a northwest main entrance, a metal nameplate is ideal. Additionally, a wooden nameplate can be placed in front of the entrance door as well.
  • You can use divine symbols like the Cross, Swastik, Om, etc on the main door. These symbols invite good fortune and auspiciousness.
  • You can also keep idols of Lakshmi and Ganesh at the main entrance. These idols of gods and goddesses are good for prosperity, wealth, and good luck.
  • Install proper lights in the front of the entrance to ensure that this area is well-lit.
  • You can also hang black horseshoes at the entrance as it repels negative energy and keeps evil things away.
  • You should always keep a threshold (marble or wood) as it only allows positive energy to pass through and absorbs the negative vibes.
  • Keep doormats in front of the main entrance. The doormats keep dirt and negative energies away.
  • Keep auspicious plants like the Tusli and Money plants near the front door of the house.

2. Is Swastik Good for House?

Yes, Swastik is very good for a house. This symbol is associated with good luck, well-being, and good existence. It is very auspicious and brings an increase in prosperity and luck. Moreover, this symbol also reduces the negative effects of mourning and diseases. Now that you are aware of the goodness of Swastik, it’s time to learn where you should put the Swastik on the main door and know Swastik on main door benefits. (See What are Confirmation Symbols?)

3. Where do You Put the Swastik on the Main Door?

Apart from being a religious symbol, a Swastik is considered very auspicious and pure. Having a Swastik in the home brings good luck, happiness, and prosperity inside the house. People draw Swastik on the main doors of their houses to get red on any negative vibes and energy. When you wonder about the Swastik on main door benefits, keep in mind that it should be made in a northeast direction. This direction attracts positive vibes and will help you form a deep connection with the self. After learning this, it’s time to discuss Swastik on main door benefits in more detail. Must read How to find North Direction in Room?

4. What are Swastik on Main Door Benefits?

Swastik is a symbol associated with Hinduism, this symbol has immense importance in Vastu as well. It is said to bring pureness, auspiciousness, happiness, luck, and prosperity to one’s house. It reduces mourning and disease. The Swastik has the capacity of getting rid of any negative vibes and energy. These are the Swastik on main door benefits. (See What does the Confucianism Symbol mean?)

5. How do You keep Swastik?

Now that you know Swastik on main door benefits, it’s time to learn the proper way to keep it. This symbol means good luck, well-being, and good existence. It is thought to be pure, auspicious, joyous, and positive. The four arms of the Swastik represent four directions- north, south, east, and west. This symbol can be drawn inside the house and on the main entrance door of the house. You can draw Swastik using vermilion or turmeric. You can follow the following steps to get all the Swastik on main door benefits:

  • Firstly, prepare the vermillion or turmeric liquid paste for making the Swastik.
  • Then select the place you want to draw this symbol. People mostly draw the symbol on their main entrances.
  • You can simply draw the symbol in two strokes but ensure that these two lines don’t intersect each other.
  • The correct way of making the symbol is drawing a line from the upper right corner and extending it down to the right corner creating an incomplete S. Then from the upper left-hand corner start drawing down to the left corner.
  • A right-handed Swastika should move in a clockwise direction.

6. What should be the Size of Swastik?

Swastik is an eminent part of religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, etc. This symbol is an indicator of prosperity, pureness, joy, good luck, well being. There are no restrictions related to the size of Swastik. You can draw any size of Swastik as long as you are being respectful to the symbol. This symbol can be kept in the northeast corner of your pooja room, your kitchen, at the entrance of the house, etc. Check out the 9 Facts About Egyptian Swastika.

7. Which God is Good for Main Door?

After learning about the ideal size of Swastik and the Swastik on main door benefits, let’s see which god is good for main door of your house. The entrance of your house is a very important part of the house as per Vastu because it determines what energies enter your house. To bring prosperity, joy, peace, etc to the house, ones should keep idols and portraits of gods and goddesses at the main. According to Vastu, idols, and photos of goddess Lakshmi and God Ganesh at the entrance of your main door are immensely good for you. 

Moreover, Lord Ganesh is celebrated and worshipped during Ganesha Chaturthi and goddess Lakshmi is worshipped during Diwali, the festival of lights to attract wealth, prosperity, and good luck for the family, seen mostly in India. However, in some parts of the country, both Lakshmi and Ganesh are worshipped during Diwali. Must see What is Eight-Day Jewish Festival?

8. Which Plant is Good for Home Entrance?

Now that you are aware of which God is good for main door of your house and about the Swastik on main door benefits, you should learn about some good plants for your home entrance. Plants are not only beautiful and but they are helpful in removing negative energies from your home. They attract positivity. These are a few plants you can put at your home entrance:

  • Basil: It is a good fortune plant attributed to financial success.
  • Morning Glory: It is said to take away all nightmares and bless you with a baby-like sleep.
  • Jasmine: It’s said to attract a good amount of wealth and also helps people find their true love.
  • Palm: According to feng shui, this plant brings positive energy to the house.
  • Money Plant: It blesses its owner with good wealth and prosperity.
  • Boston Fern Plant: It attracts good luck, fortune, and prosperity.
  • Sage: It keeps your property safe from negative energies.
  • Orchids: Its believed to bring love and luck in life.
  • Peonies: It symbolizes happy marriage and romance.
  • Dwarf Citrus Trees: They usher prosperity and good luck according to feng shui.

9. What should be Put at the Entrance of House?

The entrance of your house is the passageway of energy into your house. Whatever good, bad, or ugly energies enter your house are greatly related to the things you put at the entrance of your house. According to Vastu, these are the following things you should put in your entrance:

  • Nameplate: It isn’t just enough to own a property, you need to imprint on it to make it truly yours. According to house Vastu, a nameplate separates a property from a house. By giving your house a name, you personalize it and because of this, the positive energies entering your house are concentrated toward the well-being of your family.
  • Timeless Wood: Adding metal and wood can correct the doshas of your house entrance in case the entrance isn’t facing the prescribed Vastu direction (south and southwest are taboo house entrance directions).
  • Threshold and Doormat: According to the Vastu for home entrance, a raised threshold protects your house from negative energies by acting as a barrier. It bounces off the negative energies from the entrance itself. On the other hand, apart from being a functional accessory for homes, a doormat also has a purpose in Vastu. While you dust off your feet on the doormat, along with the dust you leave the negative energies at the doormat.
  • Mirror: In the main door Vastu, a mirror is a double-edged sword. It is capable of reflecting both good and bad energies. Never, place a mirror directly opposite the main entrance as it will reflect away all the good energies from the house. You should always place the mirror at a right angle to the door as it allows the positive energy to be reflected into the house.
  • Plants: In Vastu, feng shui, and zen, plants and greenery are synonymous with harmony and wellness. If you want to create a peaceful and positive environment within your house, do place plants like succulents, vines, etc inside or outside the main door of your house.
  • Idols and Portraits: To bring good luck, wealth, and prosperity inside your house, do keep portraits of gods and goddesses at your entrance. According to Vastu, if you place idols of goddess Laksmi and lord Ganesh at your entrance then your house will be blessed with wealth, prosperity, or luck.

10. Which Facing House is Good for all Rashi?

  • For people with Dhanu (Sagittarius), Simha (Leo), and Mesha (Aries) Rashis, an east-facing house/ plot is good.
  • For people with Tula (Libra), Kumba (Aquarius), and Mithuna (Gemini) Rashi, a west-facing house/plot is best.
  • North-facing houses/plots are best for people like Karka (Cancer), Meena (Pisces), and Vrischika (Scorpio) Rashi.
  • Additionally, south facing plot/house is best for Makara (Capricorn), Kanya (Virgo), and Vrishabha (Taurus) Rashis.
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