Video Summary: Barack Obama’s Complete Victory Speech 2012

Summary of President Barack Obama Victory Speech 2012 | President Obama 2012 Victory Speech
  1. We are one family

    Obama said that 200 years has passed since the establishment of america and that the people were the reason the country went through hard times successfully. Obama said that america is united into one nation and that all of its people are one.

  2. Thank you for voting

    Obama said that the best is yet to come for the US. He thanked everybody who voted in this election. Obama said that he and the other candidates fought fiercely because they love this country so much.

  3. We honor Romney’s family

    Obama said that he called former governor Romney and congratulated him for the hard fought campaign. He said that Romeny’s family had chose to help the country though public service and this is why they should be honored tonight.

  4. I want to thank those people

    President Obama said he wanted to thank the best vice president Joe Biden. Obama said that he won’t have been who he is without his wife’s support. Obama also thanked the volunteers who worked at his campaign.

  5. Politics isn’t about personal interests

    Obama said that politics isn’t about personal interests but it’s about fighting to make sure each one has an equal chance in his country. Obama said that military soldiers who fight for their country won’t have to fight to search for a job when they come back.

  6. Change promotes controversy

    Obama said that attempts to make serious changes promote controversy. He said that this isn’t a bad thing but it’s a sign that people are free to speak their minds. Obama said that as he speaks people at distant nations are risking their lives just to get their chance to argue. (See Why controversy can make things popular?)

  7. We want a better country

    Obama said that he wants a country where children can get good education, where people can find jobs, a country that is not burdened by dept and a one that isn’t threatened by global warming. Obama said he wants a nation that is defended by the strongest military on earth.

  8. We believe in a generous and compassionate america

    Obama said that he believes in a generous , compassionate and tolerant America where everyone has the chance to pursue his dreams and where immigrants have an equal chance. (See Why the United States is called America?)

  9. Our economy is recovering

    Obama said that the economy of the US is now recovering and the war is over. Obama said that he returned to the white house more inspired and more determined than ever.

  10. Obama’s promises

    Obama said he will work reducing the deficit, reforming the tax code, fixing the immigration system and freeing the US from foreign oil. Obama said that this can only happen with the help of the citizens.

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