Laboratory computer password – Resident Evil remastered

What is the Laboratory Computer Password in the Resident Evil Remastered?

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  1. 1 Locate the computer room in B3

    The computer room is located on the east side of B3.

  2. 2 Enter username and password

    The username for the computer is 'john' and the password is 'ada'. This information could be found in a file in another room.

  3. 3 Unlock B-2F

    After entering the username and the password choose to unlock B-2f.

  4. 4 Enter the other password

    You will be prompted to enter another password when you try to unlock B-2F. The password is 'cell'. You will have obtained that password after solving the show-room puzzle.

  5. 5 Unlock B-3F

    Unlock B-3F now. No more passwords will be needed.

  6. 6 Location of B-2F

    The location of the unlocked room in B-2F will be displayed on the computer. It's next to a dead end in B-2f.

  7. 7 Location of B-3F

    The location of the B-3F room will also show on the computer once unlocked. It's in the northwest of B3.

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