How to Register on PSN on unlisted countries?

How to buy PS4 apps from an unlisted country? Shopping on PSN from an unlisted country!
  1. It’s a long process

    Due to the fact that your country is not within the selected list of PSN regions, you must keep in mind that the process is long, tiring and often risky. (See Why Africa is underdeveloped?)

  2. Figure out the location you want to use

    There are plenty of options; however, you will need to use an address. The best thing to do is to use an address of a friend in one of the listed countries on PSN after taking their permission.

  3. You cannot use your credit card

    Due to the security of the PlayStation Network, your credit card, debit card and any card you have under a different region will NOT be accepted. (See What are the Average Dimensions for a Credit Card?)

  4. Buy gift-cards

    The most secure option you have is to buy gift-cards for your region. Remember that you can’t use the same gift-card for other regions. It is region specific. The best option you have is Amazon.

  5. Use secure shops

    In order to use Amazon, you’ll have to go with the same process in order to register because PSN will not accept your credit card on Amazon if you use an unlisted region. You can use other e-shops if you are certain of their security.

  6. Do the same for online subscription

    There are two ways to easily get the online subscription. The first one is to purchase a card through an e-store or a trusted retailer in your country or to redeem a gift-card and buy it from the store. (See Why Africa is underdeveloped?)

  7. Check your e-mail

    Go to the e-mail you registered with on Amazon if that’s what you used and wait for the 12-digit code.

  8. Go to the PSN store

    Go to the PSN store on your console. On the PS4, it’s often on the far left. Access the very bottom of the screen to find ‘Redeem Code’.

  9. Redeem your code on your console

    Once you access the ‘Redeem Code’ screen, you should find 3 boxes of 4 characters each. Enter the 12-digit code you received.

  10. Or redeem it through the PS app

    Open your PS app through your mobile or tablet. You will find a box for redeeming codes on there. Enter the code you received it on it and you’ll have activated your code on your console as well.

  11. Or redeem it through a browser

    You can also access your account through a browser by visiting and signing in. You will find a place to redeem the code onto your account through it.

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