How to Evade a Shark Attack?

Alex Williams
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  1. Swim in a group

  2. Don’t swim after heavy rain

    After heavy rains freshwater fish like sharks can come to areas that they aren’t supposed to be in. In such a case, you might find a shark in a place where it doesn’t belong.

  3. Don’t swim at night, dawn or dusk

    Sharks are usually more active during those periods and so by avoiding swimming during those times you can reduce the chances of being attacked by a shark.

  4. Don’t swim with a fresh wound

    Sharks can smell blood from a large distance and they can trace its location easily. Avoid getting inside the water while bleeding.

  5. Don’t wear shiny jewelry

    Shiny jewelry can appear to sharks as if they are fish scales. This can motivate the shark to attack you, thinking you are a fish.

  6. Move away from dolphins and seabirds

    Dolphins and seabirds usually attract sharks as they both eat the same food. If you see them, try to swim away.

  7. A shark can still get into a lagoon

    During low tide, a shark can get stuck in a lagoon or a small bay. The fact that an area seems isolated doesn’t guarantee that it won’t have sharks.

  8. Follow scared fish

    If you noticed that fish suddenly started moving away then know that the possibility that another predator is on the way is high. (See Why do sharks attack humans?)

  9. Don’t swim near fishing boats

  10. Avoid sewage

    Sewage can attract small fish which in turn can attract sharks. Avoid swimming in water containing sewage.

  11. Don’t wear bright colored clothing

    Sharks see contrasts very well. Bright colored swimming suits and even an uneven tan can attract sharks.

  12. Don’t move a lot

    Sharks sense movement through the water particles and they are highly sensitive to small movements. If you keep splashing water then you might attract a shark.

  13. Sandbars or steep drop-offs

    Sharks like to hide between sandbars and they are also present in areas with steep drop-offs. Avoid those areas while swimming, in addition to mouths of rivers and channels.

  14. Dogs attract sharks

    The splashing of Dogs in the water can be noisy enough to attract a shark.

  15. Don’t swim in dirty water

    Don’t swim in water unless you can see well through it. This can increase your chances of escaping in case you saw a shark coming from a distance. (See What should you do if you are attacked by a pack of wolves?)

  16. Avoid areas where previous attacks happened

    Sharks usually return back to the places they were at. If you knew that a shark attack happened in a certain area then try to avoid it.

  17. Beware of surf boards

    When you wear a grey swimming suit and sleep on a board you might seem like a seal to the shark looking at you from below.

  18. Don’t touch the shark

    Sharks can attack humans if they were provoked and touching can be one of the things that provoke them.

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