How to do a strike from above in Shadow of Mordor?

How do you do a strike from above in shadow of Mordor? How do I perform a “strike from above”?
  1. Climb above an enemy

    Climb on a wall or any object so that you are located above enemies.

  2. Rotate the screen

    Rotate the screen so that you can see the enemy who is below you. Focus the screen on the enemy you want to strike.

  3. The enemy’s color will change

    When the enemy’s color changes to Red it means that you are ready to perform the strike from above.

  4. The option will appear on screen

    The option to strike the enemy from above called ‘stealth kill’ will appear on the screen along with the corresponding button.

  5. Press the button

    Press the stealth kill button and you will automatically jump above the enemy and kill him. (See How to Brand Orcs and Captains in Shadow of Mordor?)

  6. Doesn’t work with leaders

    This only works with normal orcs. You can’t kill a commander or a war chief this way.

  7. Other orcs might see you

    This kind of strike is a bit noisy and can easily attract other orcs to you if they were nearby. Use it with caution. (See How to interrogate enemies in Shadow of Mordor?)

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