How Naughty Dog started?

Alex Williams
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  1. The founders liked games and programming

  2. The founders erased the first game they created

    The founders made an exact copy of the famous Nintendo game, ‘Punch out’. The copy of the game was lost when one of the founders mistakenly erased it by copying another file over it.

  3. Jam Software was founded in 1984

    The two founders, Jason Rubin and Andy Gavin, formed the company Jam Software to create games in 1984. The founders were still at high school back then.

  4. The game Math Jam was created

    The founders created the game Math Jam, which was an educational game and also their first original game. They started selling it to schools.

  5. The founders created a skiing game

    After facing problems in selling their educational games, because supervision from teachers was required, they decided to create another game away from the educational field. They created a skiing game called Ski Crazed. The game was sold for $250 to Baudville, a game publisher. (See Why Online Games are addictive?)

  6. They released Keef the Thief

    The founders created the game Keef the Theif in 1989, which was published by Electronic Arts for the Apple IIGS.

  7. The company was renamed to Naughty Dog

    On September 9th, 1989, the company was renamed to Naughty Dog.

  8. Naughty Dog was bankrupt

    After creating their game, Rings of Power, which was published by Electronic Arts, the company went bankrupt.

  9. The company signed a deal with Universal Interactive Studios

    After showing their game, Way of the Warrior, to Mark Cerny of Universal Interactive Studios, the company signed a deal with them for three more games.

  10. Crash Bandicot became a big success

    The company created the game Crash Bandicot, which was published by Sony. The game was very successful and it sold 6.8 million copies to date. More Crash Bandicot games followed. (See Why are mobile games popular?)

  11. Jak and Daxter became a success

    The company then created the game Jak and Daxter, which achieved a similar level of success to Crash Bandicot.

  12. The Uncharted series was introduced

    The company started working on the Uncharted series in 2007 and the series turned out to be a massive success.

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