How many States are Named after a President?

Which President was not Born in the United States? In which State were most U.S. Presidents born? What States were Named after a Person? How many States are named after a President?

The term president refers to a government official in which a country’s chief executive power is vested. So, how many states are named after a president? We will come to that. George Washington is referred to as the Father of His Country. He was born in Virginia and died in Massachusetts. This article will discover what states were named after a person, how many states are named after a president, or US cities are named after presidents and many more such facts. 

1. Which President was not Born in the United States?

The first seven Presidents of the United States were not born in States. They were born in English colonies. Generally, presidents are persons who hold the position of supreme authority in a nation, a corporation, or an educational institution. George Washington (1789–1797), John Adams (1797–1801), Thomas Jefferson (1801–1809), James Madison (1809–1817), James Monroe (1817–1825), John Quincy Adams (1825–1829), and Andrew Jackson (1829–1837) were those presidents. To know how many states are named after a president, read till the end of the article. (See Prime Minister and President)

2. In which State were the Most U.S. Presidents born?

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Virginia was the home of eight presidents of the United States, including four of the country’s first five. They are Thomas Jefferson, William Henry Harrison, James Monroe, James Madison, John Tyler, Zachary Taylor, George Washington, and Woodrow Wilson. (See What is the Northern Most State in the U.S.?)

3. What States were Named after a Person?

Before you know how many states are named after a president, take a look at these states. These nine known states were named after a person:

  • Delaware was named after Thomas West, Baron De La Warr, the British governor of Virginia.
  • The state of Georgia was named after King George II.
  • Louisiana honours France, after Louis XIV.
  • New York was named after England’s James, Duke of York.
  • North and South Carolina were named after King Charles I of England.
  • Pennsylvania was named after Admiral Sir William Penn, William Penn’s father.
  • Maryland was named after Henrietta Maria, the wife of Charles I of England.
  • Virginia and West Virginia both were named after Queen Elizabeth I.
  • Washington state honours a renowned American president, George Washington.

4. How many States are Named after a President?

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To answer how many states are named after a president, it is only one. Washington, which is named after George Washington, is the only state named after a president. Not only did he serve as the first President of the United States, but he also commanded the Continental Army throughout the American Revolution (1775–83) and presided over the conference that produced the Constitution for the United States of America. (See Did George Washington Cut Down a Cherry Tree?)

5. What 4 State Capitals are Named after Presidents?

Below listed 4 state capitals are named after presidents:

  • Madison, the capital city of Wisconsin, is named after President James Madison.
  • Jefferson City, Missouri’s capital, is named after President Thomas Jefferson.
  • Jackson Mississippi’s capital is named for President Andrew Jackson.
  • Lincoln, Nebraska’s capital, is named for President Abraham Lincoln.

6. What is the Only US State Named after a President?

Washington is the only US state named after a president. Check out 8 Presidents Before George Washington.

7. Which U.S. State is Named after a King of England?

Besides wondering how many states are named after a president, note that Georgia is a state in the United States named after King George II of England. (See What is the difference between a Senator and a Governor, and which is higher in rank?)

8. How many US Cities are Named after Presidents?

Apart from knowing how many states are named after a president, take a look at the following. Below listed are the US cities named after presidents:

  • Washington, D.C- The capital of the United States, was named in honour of George Washington, the nation’s first president. However, Washington, D.C. does not belong to any state and is therefore not a state capital. 
  • Jackson, Mississippi- Jackson, named after the seventh president of the United States, Major General Andrew Jackson, is the largest and most populous city in Mississippi. 
  • Lincoln, NE- When Nebraska became a state in 1867, the state capital was relocated from Omaha to Lancaster and renamed Lincoln in honour of President Abraham Lincoln. 
  • MO’s Jefferson City- The Missouri legislature established the state capital in 1821 and named it Jefferson City in honour of President Thomas Jefferson, who served from 1801 to 1809. 
  • Madison, Wisconsin- The streets of Madison, Wisconsin, are named after the signers of the United States Constitution, and the city was named after the fourth president of the United States, James Madison.

9. Which U.S. President has the Most Places named after him?

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As you already read how many states are named after a president, you must know that George Washington has the most places named after him. There are 94 places with just his name and 127 places where his name is part of a longer name. President Abraham Lincoln was in third place, with 70 places named after him. (See Why Did John Wilkes Booth kill Abraham Lincoln?)

10. What Counties are Named after US Presidents?

Counties named after the first president of the US

  • Washington County, Florida
  • Washington County, Georgia
  • Washington County, Idaho
  • Washington County, Illinois
  • Washington County, Indiana
  • Washington County, Iowa
  • Washington County, Kansas
  • Washington County, Kentucky
  • Washington County, Maine
  • Washington County, Maryland
  • Washington County, Minnesota
  • Washington County, Mississippi
  • Washington County, Missouri
  • Washington County, Nebraska
  • Washington County, New York
  • Washington County, North Carolina
  • Washington County, Ohio
  • Washington County, Oklahoma
  • Washington County, Oregon
  • Washington County, Pennsylvania
  • Washington County, Rhode Island
  • Washington County, Tennessee
  • Washington County, Texas
  • Washington County, Utah
  • Washington County, Vermont
  • Washington County, Virginia
  • Washington County, Wisconsin
  • Washington Parish, Louisiana

Counties named after the third president of the U.S

  • Jefferson County, Alabama
  • Jefferson County, Arkansas
  • Jefferson County, Florida
  • Jefferson County, Georgia
  • Jefferson County, Idaho
  • Jefferson County, Illinois
  • Jefferson County, Indiana
  • Jefferson County, Iowa
  • Jefferson County, Kansas
  • Jefferson County, Kentucky
  • Jefferson County, Mississippi
  • Jefferson County, Missouri
  • Jefferson County, Nebraska
  • Jefferson County, New York
  • Jefferson County, Ohio
  • Jefferson County, Oklahoma
  • Jefferson County, Pennsylvania
  • Jefferson County, Tennessee
  • Jefferson County, Texas
  • Jefferson County, Washington
  • Jefferson County, West Virginia
  • Jefferson County, Wisconsin
  • Jefferson Parish, Louisiana
  • Jefferson County, Colorado
  • Jefferson County, Montana
  • Jefferson County, Oregon

Counties named after the seventh president of the U.S

  • Jackson County, Alabama
  • Jackson County, Arkansas
  • Jackson County, Colorado
  • Jackson County, Florida
  • Jackson County, Illinois
  • Jackson County, Indiana
  • Jackson County, Iowa
  • Jackson County, Kansas
  • Jackson County, Kentucky
  • Jackson County, Michigan
  • Jackson County, Mississippi
  • Jackson County, Missouri
  • Jackson County, North Carolina
  • Jackson County, Ohio
  • Jackson County, Oregon
  • Jackson County, South Dakota
  • Jackson County, Tennessee
  • Jackson County, Texas
  • Jackson County, West Virginia
  • Jackson County, Wisconsin
  • Jackson Parish, Louisiana

Counties named after the fourth president of the U.S

  • Madison County, Alabama
  • Madison County, Arkansas
  • Madison County, Florida
  • Madison County, Georgia
  • Madison County, Idaho
  • Madison County, Illinois
  • Madison County, Indiana
  • Madison County, Iowa
  • Madison County, Kentucky
  • Madison County, Mississippi
  • Madison County, Missouri
  • Madison County, New York
  • Madison County, North Carolina
  • Madison County, Ohio
  • Madison County, Tennessee
  • Madison County, Texas
  • Madison County, Virginia
  • Madison Parish, Louisiana
  • Madison County, Montana
  • Madison County, Nebraska

Counties named after the sixteenth president of the U.S

  • Lincoln County, Arkansas
  • Lincoln County, Colorado
  • Lincoln County, Idaho
  • Lincoln County, Kansas
  • Lincoln County, Minnesota
  • Lincoln County, Mississippi
  • Lincoln County, Montana
  • Lincoln County, Nebraska
  • Lincoln County, Nevada
  • Lincoln County, New Mexico
  • Lincoln County, Oklahoma
  • Lincoln County, Oregon
  • Lincoln County, Washington
  • Lincoln County, West Virginia
  • Lincoln County, Wisconsin
  • Lincoln County, Wyoming
  • Lincoln Parish, Louisiana

Counties named after the fifth president of the U.S

  • Monroe County, Alabama
  • Monroe County, Arkansas
  • Monroe County, Florida
  • Monroe County, Georgia
  • Monroe County, Illinois
  • Monroe County, Indiana
  • Monroe County, Iowa
  • Monroe County, Kentucky
  • Monroe County, Michigan
  • Monroe County, Mississippi
  • Monroe County, Missouri
  • Monroe County, New York
  • Monroe County, Ohio
  • Monroe County, Pennsylvania
  • Monroe County, Tennessee
  • Monroe County, West Virginia
  • Monroe County, Wisconsin

Counties named after the eleventh president of the U.S.

  • Polk County, Arkansas
  • Polk County, Florida
  • Polk County, Georgia
  • Polk County, Iowa
  • Polk County, Minnesota
  • Polk County, Missouri
  • Polk County, Nebraska
  • Polk County, Oregon
  • Polk County, Tennessee
  • Polk County, Texas
  • Polk County, Wisconsin

Counties named after the eighteenth president of the U.S

  • Grant County, Arkansas
  • Grant County, Kansas
  • Grant County, Minnesota
  • Grant County, Nebraska
  • Grant County, New Mexico
  • Grant County, North Dakota
  • Grant County, Oklahoma
  • Grant County, Oregon
  • Grant County, South Dakota
  • Grant County, Washington
  • Grant County, West Virginia

Counties named after the twentieth president of the U.S

  • Garfield County, Colorado
  • Garfield County, Montana
  • Garfield County, Nebraska
  • Garfield County, Oklahoma
  • Garfield County, Utah
  • Garfield County, Washington

Counties named after the second president of the U.S

  • Adams County, Idaho
  • Adams County, Mississippi
  • Adams County, Nebraska
  • Adams County, Pennsylvania
  • Adams County, Washington
  • Counties named after the sixth president of the U.S
  • Adams County, Illinois
  • Adams County, Indiana
  • Adams County, Wisconsin

Counties named after the ninth president of the U.S

  • Harrison County, Indiana
  • Harrison County, Iowa
  • Harrison County, Mississippi
  • Harrison County, Ohio

Counties named after the fourteenth president of the U.S

  • Pierce County, Georgia
  • Pierce County, Nebraska
  • Pierce County, Washington
  • Pierce County, Wisconsin

Counties named after the twelfth president of the U.S

  • Taylor county Florida
  • Taylor county Georgia
  • Taylor county Iowa
  • Taylor County Kentucky

Counties named after the eighth president of the U.S

  • Van Buren County, Arkansas
  • Van Buren County, Iowa
  • Van Buren County, Michigan
  • Van Buren County, Tennessee

Counties named after the fifteenth president of the U.S

  • Buchanan County, Iowa
  • Buchanan County, Missouri
  • Buchanan County, Virginia

Counties named after the thirteenth president of the U.S

  • Fillmore County, Minnesota
  • Fillmore County, Nebraska
  • Millard County, Utah

Counties named after the twenty-second and twenty-fourth presidents of the U.S

  • Cleveland County, Arkansas
  • Cleveland County, Oklahoma

Counties named after the twenty-sixth president of the U.S

  • Roosevelt County, Montana
  • Roosevelt County, New Mexico

Counties named after the twenty-first president of the U.S

  • Arthur County, Nebraska

Counties named after the twenty-ninth president of the U.S

  • Harding County, New Mexico

Counties named after the nineteenth president of the U.S

  • Hayes County, Nebraska

Counties named after the twenty-fifth president of the U.S

  • McKinley County, New Mexico

11. What is the Only Country named after a Woman?

After learning how many states are named after a president, let me tell you that the only country named after a woman is Santa Lucia. St. Lucia, named after a woman, is located in the Caribbean. Check out the 6 Most Liberal Cities in the United States.

12. How did Wyoming get its Name?

Thomas Campbell’s poem Gertrude of Wyoming, written in 1809, made the name Wyoming well-known. The name comes from the Delaware (Munsee) word xwé:wamnk, which means at the big river flat. It was first used to describe the Wyoming Valley in Pennsylvania. (Also read Which States in US touch no other State Boundaries?)

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