How many cm in a Meter?

What is a cm? Which is Bigger cm or m? How to Convert Meter to Centimeter using m to cm Conversion Chart? How many cm in 1 inch?
how many cm in a meter

Math is a complicated but very useful subject. Without it, day-to-day calculations would be impossible. Some terms and units are very important in math when measuring objects or quantities. Among them, probably cm tops the chart. From clothes to heights to areas of triangles or circles, you use this unit everywhere. Sometimes, you need to convert this unit into other specific units to meet the requirement where the problem arises. It may seem false, but many people forget the basics, like how many cm in a meter, or how many cm in an inch? Let’s solve this problem of yours and re-learn these basics.

1. How many cm in a meter?

how many cm in a meter 1

The unit, cm stands for Centimeter. These units are prominently used in calculations, especially while measuring heights and lengths. Some uses of centimeters are given below.

  • In a metric system, it is the unit to measure length.
  • It is also defined as the distance light traveled in a vacuum in 1/299,729,458 seconds.
  • It can be used to measure the thickness of an object. e.g, a standard pencil has a thickness of about 1 cm.

You can easily convert a meter into a centimeter. So to answer how many cm in a meter, or, how many cm in 1 meter it is equal to 100 cm. Now let’s look at an example for a better understanding. If you want to write 7 meters in cm, it will equal,  7 × 100 = 700 cm. (See What Does A Barometer Measure?)

2. How to convert Meter to Centimeter using m to cm Conversion Chart?

There are a lot of conversion charts online and even in your notebooks that you can look into while you are wondering how many cm in a meter or vice versa. The chart has different values of cm for different values of meters. Let’s look into one such chart.

Meters (m) Centimeters (cm)
0.001 m 0.1 cm
0.01 m 1 cm
0.1 m 10 cm
1 m 100 cm
2 m 200 cm
3 m 300 cm
4 m 400 cm
5 m 500 cm
6 m 600 cm
7 m 700 cm
8 m 800 cm
9 m 900 cm
10 m 1000 cm

You can look at this table and easily understand how many cm in a meter exists. This will also help you convert any value from meter to centimeter. For example, if you want to convert 0.007 m into cm, you can understand that 0.007 m will be equal to 0.7 cm by looking at the chart. You can also find this value by multiplying 0.007 × 100, and the resultant value will be the same, which is 0.7 cm. (See How to Write 1 Million in Numbers?)

3. Which is Bigger cm or m?

Both cm and m are a part of the metric system. You use a meter, liter, and gram to measure length, volume, and weight in the metric system. Here, the different measurements of lengths include millimeter, centimeter, meter, kilometer, etc. The word meter is common as it is also the standard unit of length. In the metric system, the units get larger or smaller by the power of 10. As you know the answer to how many cm in a meter is 100, so, a meter is 100 times bigger than a cm. (See How Tall is 165 cm in Feet and Inches?)

4. How many cm in 1 inch?

After understanding the basic concept of how many cm in a meter, let’s understand the same for an inch. An inch is a standard measurement unit used in the US and imperial customary measurement systems. It’s mainly used to measure electronic parts like display screens of TVs, phones, laptops, etc. The inch is denoted by in, or,. It is very important to learn the conversion of cm in 1 inch as both are used to measure height and length.  (Also read How Calculator Works?)

  • One inch is equal to 2.54 centimeters.
  • One centimeter is equal to 0.393701 inches.

Let us consider an example. To convert 5 inches into centimeters, you will multiply 5 by 2.54 cm, and then you will get your answer which will be 12.7 cm. Here is a conversion table of inches and cm. You can refer to it while doing further calculations in the future. (See What is 5 Feet 6 Inches?)

Inches (in) Centimeters (cm)
0.1 inch 0.2540 cm
¼ inch 0.635 cm
½ inch 1.27 cm
1 inch 2.54 cm
2 inch 5.08 cm
3 inch 7.62 cm
4 inch 10.16 cm
5 inch 12.70 cm
6 inch 15.24 cm
7 inch 17.78 cm
8 inch 20.32 cm
9 inch 22.86 cm

5. How many Centimeters are in a Foot?

how many cm in a meter 2

The USA uses entirely different units for length, volume, and weight. The US customary units don’t follow a base system of measurement. The length is measured in inches, feet, yards, and miles. Here, an inch is the smallest unit of length and a mile is the largest. People know how many inches are in feet like the metric system users know how many cm in a meter. But what if you want to calculate how many cm are there in a foot (singular unit of feet), it can be quite complicated as both of these belong to different units of measurement. The value of a foot is equal to 30.48 cm. You can use various calculators online also to convert these values efficiently. Below is a conversion table for your better understanding of this concept. (See How Many Grams Is 1 Litre?)

Feet (ft) Centimetre (cm)
1 ft 30.48 cm
2 ft 60.96 cm
3 ft 91.44 cm
4 ft 121.92 cm
5 ft 152.4 cm
6 ft 182.88 cm
7 ft 213.36 cm
8 ft 243.84 cm
9 ft 274.32 cm
10 ft 304.8 cm

6. How to Convert 1 meter to inch?

Meter to inches: how many cm in a meter 2

Like understanding the concept of how many cm in 1 meter, let’s find out how to convert 1 meter into inches. A meter belongs to the metric system and is the standard unit of length measurement there. You can use the above online conversion chart to convert meters to inches. Also, check out what is the Golden Ratio face?

Another method is multiplying the given meter by 3.28 and 12 as 1 meter is equal to 3.28 feet, and one foot equals 12 inches, e.g if we want to find 2 meters, the mathematical representation will be,

  • 1 m = 3.28 feet = 3.28 × 12 = 39.36 inches
  • 2 m = 2 × 39.36 = 78.72 inches.

7. 1 meter is equal to How many inches?

If you want to find how many cm in a meter, the calculation is also done using the concept of inches. Both meters and inches belong to metric and imperial measurement systems, respectively. They are both standard units for measurements of length in their respective systems. To convert 1 meter into an inch, you need to know that 1 meter equals 3.28 feet and 1 foot is equal to 12 inches.

Thus, 1 meter will be equal to 39.37 inches. If you want to convert any meter value into an inch, multiply it by 39.37, and you will get the desired answer. Here is a table for your better understanding of the conversion. (See How Many Total Inches Are 5 Feet 7 Inches?)

Meters (m) Inches (in)
0 m 0.00 in
1 m 39.37 in
2 m 78.74 in
3 m 118.11 in
4 m 157.48 in
5 m 196.85 in
6 m 236.22 in
7 m 275.59 in
8 m 314.96 in
9 m 354.33 in

8. What Objects are a Meter long?

You often visualize the length of things instead of measuring them and use these visualizations to state measurements. As you already know how many cm in a meter, do you have an idea about things you use that might belong to a standard length? Instead of eyeballing things, you can use these things to give accurate references. Here are some objects that are a meter long, Also check out what is a Circle Degree Chart?

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