How Tall is 165 cm in Feet and Inches?

Alex Williams
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  1. How to convert cm to feet and inches?

    One foot is equal to 30.48 cm, and 1 cm equals 0.0328 feet. To convert cm to feet, you need to divide the number of cm by 30.48, and the figure you will get is in feet.

  2. How many inches comes in 1 cm?

    One inch is equal to 2.54 cm, and 1 cm equals 0.3937 inches. You can easily convert cm to inches by dividing the number of centimetres by 2.54.

  3. What does 165 cm equal in feet and inches?

    If anyone says I am 165 cm tall, do not get confused as most people are familiar with feet and inches for measuring the height of people. You can effortlessly convert 165 cm to feet (dividing by 30.48); it will be 5.41 feet, 5 feet 4 inches or 64 inches.

  4. Is 165 cm considered a short height?

    It depends on an array of factors, whether you are talking about men or women or the country you are residing in. As for men, 165 cm height is very short. Women with this height are not considered short, as their average height is considered 5 ft 4 inches or 63.7 inches.

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