How it feels to be high on Opium?

Alex Williams
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  1. A warm pressure

    You may feel a warm pressure in your head when the opium starts to take effect.

  2. Disorientation

    It might feel disorienting at first, but after around 10 minutes, the feeling of disorientation starts to slowly go away.

  3. Like you’re lying in the sun

    It feels like you’re basking in the sunshine in a quiet environment.

  4. It feels warm

    It makes you feel peaceful and warm, like you’re in a dream, according to several people.

  5. It’s relaxing

    According to some people who tried opium, you get a feeling of euphoria, relaxation, and peacefulness. It also makes you carefree, forgetting about your worries and troubles in life.

  6. Numbs pain

    Opium is known to numb pain. In fact, it is used by people with chronic back pain in order to relieve and numb the intense pain they feel. (See How to Stop Back Pain Fast?)

  7. Nausea and sleepiness

    At medium to high doses, it can make you feel nauseated and sleepy.

  8. Affects sight

    It might affect sight and cause a feeling of slight haziness over your eyes. (See
    What a short sighted person sees?)

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