How to Stop Back Pain Fast?

Home Remedies for Back Pain? How to Stop Back Pain Fast? Fast & effective back pain remedies
  1. Always plant both legs on the ground

    Whether you are sitting or standing make sure that both of your legs are planted on the ground. It’s easy to forget about that and lift your legs while you are sitting and this can lead to back pain.

  2. If you have flat feet wear insoles

    Your whole body is one unit and having flat feet can cause problems all the way up and make you slump and tire more quickly. Wear high quality insoles if you have flat feet.

  3. Never slump in your chair

    When you bend your back in a chair you slowly make your back weaker and make yourself more likely to experience back pain. Sit upright with your back properly positioned.

  4. Don’t sit in the wrong chair

    So many chairs that we come across everyday are designed to ruin the back. Make sure you only sit in chairs that give proper back support and make you feel comfortable.

  5. Stand every 30 minutes

    Your back isn’t designed for prolonged sitting. If your’e sitting down for 30 minutes, stand for 1 minute and stretch your back. This tip can reduce back pain dramatically in a few days.

  6. Sit every 30 minutes

    If you stand for long periods of time then your back might hurt as well. Every 30 minutes, you need to sit down for at least 1 minute. This can also reduce back pain a lot.

  7. Don’t drive for long distances without breaks

    Driving is even worse than sitting because your back won’t be stable during the ride. You must get out of your car every 30 minutes to not overload your back muscles. Just get out of the car for 1 minute then get back in and continue.

  8. Never bend your back while lifting objects

    Don’t ever bend over to pick up an object, no matter how light it is. Just go down with your whole body, bend your knees while keeping your back almost upright. This won’t only reduce back pain, but it can also prevent disc injuries.

  9. Work on your core muscles

    The core muscles are the muscles that surround your spine. The stronger these muscles get the less load is put on your back and the less likely you are to suffer from back pain. (See How to strengthen your core muscles?)

  10. Swim

    Swimming strengthens the core muscles without causing any harmful impact. It’s a low impact sport that strengthens muscles without straining the spine.

  11. Avoid high impact sports for some time

    High impact sports are the ones where the body endures sudden impact. This impact is transferred to the discs. Examples of high impact sports: Running and boxing.

  12. Avoid sudden twists

    Sudden twists can cause disc injuries. If it’s not needed, then avoid sports such as tennis and soccer for they involve a lot of sudden twists that can hurt the back.

  13. Get enough calcium and vitamin D

    To keep your bones strong you need to make sure you are getting enough calcium and vitamin D.

  14. Wear heels less often

    High heels can put the back in an uncomfortable position and increase back pain. Try to wear high heels less often to protect your back.

  15. Smoke less

    Smoking affects the blood supply inside the body and reduces the heeling process. Studies have shown that smokers are more likely to experience back pain than people who don’t smoke. (See 13 Psychological Reasons People Smoke Cigarettes)

  16. Sleep with a pillow between your legs

    Sleep on your right side with a pillow between your legs. This sleeping position prevents back problems and allows the back to heal.

  17. Don’t lift heavy weights without guidance

    Don’t lift heavy weights unless you know exactly what you are doing. Some lifting exercises can cause back pain if not done right.

  18. Don’t use the laptop in bed

    Avoid sitting in bed with a crunched back for this can weaken your disks over time and result in back pain.

  19. Keep your back straight at all times

    Always keep your back straight while walking, standing or sitting.

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