What a short sighted person sees?

What does “nearsighted” mean? What does a short-sighted person see (Myopia)?
  1. Blurry image

    Short sighted people see a blurry image of their surroundings. Objects appear unclear and lacking details.

  2. Lack of details

    A short sighted person sees objects without a lot of their details. This is why Short sighted people usually fail to read text from a distance as they can’t figure out the details.

  3. Unrecognizable faces

    A short sighted person will hardly be able to recognize people from a distance. While in most cases a short sighted person will notice the other person he will usually fail to tell who he is.

  4. Small objects might not be seen

    Short sighted people can have a problem seeing small objects. Many short sighted people can’t locate their glasses on a messy desk as they don’t notice it. This is why they try to locate it using their hands.

  5. Unclear objects

    Short sighted people can have problems telling the difference between objects from a distance. For example a person can have a problem telling whether an object is a dog , a cat or a plastic bag.

  6. Tangled boundaries

    Short sighted people can have a problem seeing the boundaries of certain objects. A window in a building might not be seen well by a short sighted person. In more serious cases the window might not be noticed.

  7. Close objects appear clearly

    Many short sighted people can see a close object clearly. This distance depends on the degree of the short sight. (See Is Virtual Reality Bad for Your Eyes?)

  8. Unclear text

    A short sighted person can’t read text from a distance. A short sighted kid will hardly see anything on the blackboard especially if he were sitting in the back.

  9. Darkness increases the problem

    A short sighted person will have a bigger problem seeing things at night as objects become more unclear. A short sighted person might fail to see a hole in the ground. (See How Virtual Reality (VR) affects the eyesight?)

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