How Can I Get a Pear Phone Like the One from iCarly?

How Can I Get a Pear Phone Like the One from iCarly? Pear Company is an obvious parody of Apple Inc. PearProducts are delicate and very expensive.
How Can I Get a Pear Phone Like the One from iCarly?
  1. What are pear phones?

    Pear phones are phones in the shape of the pear. The pear company makes most of the electronics seen in iCarly and Victorious, TV shows.

  2. Are pear phones real?

    Pear company is a parody of Apple company. In reality, none of the products made by a pear company is real including PearPads, PearPhones, iPears, or even PearBooks. These phones appeared in some TV shows and gained popularity through them.

  3. What TV show displayed pear phones?

    It is a fake company that displayed its products in the episode of iCarly, Sam & Cat, Victorious, and Henry Danger. Out of all these shows, iCarly was the one series in which pear phones were displayed immensely.

  4. Who made the pear phones?

    The pear phones are very similar to Apple products, as they are also depicted to be expensive and delicate. These phones are shaped like a pear and originally were rectangular in shape. Pear phones were designed and launched by Dan Schneider.

  5. Can we get a pear phone similar to what we used to see in iCandy?

    As you know that Pear company is a parody of Apple Inc. Designing a ditto product from what you saw in the iCandy series might be quite difficult or might be practically impossible. The sole reason is that these phones were shown as dummy and were not usable.

    If you are a die heart fan of iCandy and want a pear-shaped phone at any cost, you can grab a normal phone case and use modelling resin to transform it into a pear-shaped design.

  6. Was iCarly cancelled?

    iCarly was called off when its titular star Miranda Cosgrove left for college. The show started its journey and entertaining audiences in 2007 and the final episode streamed in 2012.

  7. Why was Victorious TV show cancelled?

    Victorious was a famous music-based TV show which was cancelled because of the conflict that occurred between the leading actors- Sam & Cat due to which the producers cancelled Victorious seasons in future.

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