Game of Thrones Summary: The Mountain And The Viper – Season 4 Episode 8

Alex Williams
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  1. The Wildlings attacked Mole’s town

    The Wildlings attacked Mole’s town. Yigrette spared Gilly’s life. At Castle black the rangers were concerned and Samwell was very worried about Gilly for he didn’t know she survived.

  2. Grey worm has emotions for Missandei

    Missandei saw Grey Worm looking at her. He came to apologize and she realized he has feelings for her. When Daenerys knew he was looking at Missandei she wondered whether the Unsullied were fully or partially castrated.

  3. Theon helped Ramsay take an Ironborn Garrison

    Ramsay convinced Theon , who believes that he is Reek, to let the Iroborns open the doors and surrender by claiming that he is Theon. The plan worked and Ramsay took the Garrison leading to the fortress of Moat Cailin.

  4. Sansa said that Baelish didn’t kill Lysa

    Lord Yohn Royce, Lady Anya Waynwood, and Ser Vance Corbray interrogated Baelish. They asked Sansa to become a whiteness and she revealed her real identity then told them that Baelish always protected her and that Lysa committed suicide because she thought that Baelish likes her.

  5. Daenerys knew Jorah was a spy

    Ser Barristan Selmy received a message carried by an unknown boy stating that Jorah was pardoned. Barristan knew Jorah was a spy and reported to Daenerys. Daenerys refused to forgive Jorah and asked him to leave the city. (See Game of Thrones Summary: Episode 5 – Season 4 – First of His Name)

  6. Roose declared Ramsay his son

    After Ramsay delivered Roose Bolton the Flag that was above the Ironborn Castle he declared Ramsay his official son. They both headed to Winterfell with their Army.

  7. Arya and Sandor knew Lysa died

    When Arya and Sandor arrived at the Bloody gate they knew that Lysa Arryn died. Arya exploded in laughter when she knew.

  8. The mountain killed Oberyn

    Oberyn wounded the mountain greatly during the fight. Oberyn proudly stood by the mountain who was lying on the floor almost dead. The mountain suddenly surprised him by rising and killing him. Tywin sentenced Tyrion to death. (See Game of Thrones Season 3 Summary)

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