Game of Thrones Summary: Episode 5 – Season 4 – First of His Name

Season 4, Episode 5 Game of Thrones Recap | Game of Thrones Summary: First of His Name
  1. Tommen was named King

    Tommen was named King. During the cermony Cersei suggested to Margaery that she could help Tommen by becoming his wife. Margaery acted like she was surprised then told Cersei it would be an honor. Cersei said she will ask Tywin and Margaery said she will ask her father.

  2. Daenerys’ army acquired 93 ships

    Daario told Daenerys that he acquired the 93 ships of Meeren. Daenerys was angry at first because he didn’t follow her order but shortly she started discussing the next step with her council.

  3. Daenerys lost Yunkai and Astapor

    Jorah told Daenerys that the wise Masters rose again at Yunkai and enslaved the free men. Jorah also told her that the council she installed at Astapor was removed by a butcher named Cleon. Daenerys decided not to sail to Westros to handle those matters first.

  4. Baelish took Sansa to the Vale of Arryn

    Baelish took Sansa to Lysa Arryn who welcomed Sansa. Lysa then spoke to Baelish in private and reminded him how she killed Jon Arryn for him because she loved him. Lysa asked him to marry her soon and he said it will happen tonight.

  5. Tywin agreed on the new marriage

    Tywin told Cersei that the alliance with the Tyrell’s is very important for them to survive. He explained to her how the crown owes a tremendous amount of money to the Iron Bank and told her that the gold mines in Westerlands ran dry days ago. (See Game of Thrones Summary: The Mountain And The Viper – Season 4 Episode 8)

  6. Lysa Arryn questioned Sansa

    Lysa Arryn kept asking Sansa whether Baelish cares for her or not but Sansa kept swearing they aren’t in a relationship. Sansa noticed that Lysa can sometimes be emotionally unstable. Lysa then told Sansa that she will marry her son Robin and become the princess.

  7. Arya told Sandor he is on her list

    As Arya was repeating the names of the people she want to kill Sandor couldn’t sleep. She then said his name and he realized he is on her list. (See Who is on Arya’s Kill List?)

  8. The Night’s watch attacked Craster’s keep

    The rangers attacked the keep. Locke turned out to be a traitor. He tried to capture Bran but Bran controlled Hodor with his mind and killed Locke. Bran saw Jon from a distance but decided to leave to the north. The rangers burned Craster’s keep after killing the men.

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