Game of Thrones Summary: Episode 7 – Season 6 – The Broken Man

Alex Williams
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  1. The Hound is alive

  2. Margaery was pretending to be religious

    Margaery was acting like she became very religious. The high sparrow knew she wasn’t sleeping with Tommen anymore and asked her to do so to bring him a heir.

  3. Olena knew about Margaery’s plan

    As Olena was amazed by Margaery’s new behavior, Margaery gave her a piece of paper in her hand. When Olena checked the paper later she understood that Margaery is faking faith to reach certain goals. Olena felt relieved. Olena will leave to High Garden as per Margaery’s instructions.

  4. The Free Folks will fight for Jon Snow

    After Jon Snow and Tormund talked to the leaders of the free folks they agreed to fight with them.

  5. Olena refused to help Cersei

    Cersei asked Olena not to leave and to help her with her fight against The Sparrows. Olena told her that she has lost already and that she must leave before The High Sparrow throws her in a cell. (See Game of Thrones Summary: Episode 5 – Season 4 – First of His Name)

  6. The Lannister army reached Riverrun

    The Lannister army reached Riverrun. They saw Frey’s men trying to make Blackfish yield by threatening to kill Edmure. The Blackfish didn’t surrender the castle. Jaime told Frey’s man that he is now in charge of the siege and that Edmure might be kept alive.

  7. The Mormont’s will fight for Jon Snow

    Jon, Sansa and Davos spoke to the very young girl who was in charge of leading house Mormont. She agreed to fight with the starks and said that she will give them 62 men who have the strength of 620 men. (See Game of Thrones Summary: Episode 3 – Season 2 – What is Dead May Never Die)

  8. The Blackfish refused to surrender

    Jaime Lannister talked to the leader of the blackfish who said he won’t surrender no matter what happens. He also said he has two years supply of food so even if the Lannister army surrounded the castle they will survive.

  9. House Glover refused to join the Starks

    When Jon, Sansa and Davos spoke with the leader of House Glover, he refused to fight along their side. He said his house always served the Starks but now he sees that House Stark is dead.

  10. Yara plans for a deal with Daenerys

    Yara told Theon that she needs him on her side in the fight. She said she will make a pact with Daenerys then take the iron islands back.

  11. The Hound wanted the Septon to fight back

    As the Hound felt that his small group is threatened by the brotherhood without banners, he tried to convince the Septon, who was leading the group, to fight back.

  12. Arya was stabbed

    Arya was planning to leave on a ship in Dawn. Jaqen’s assistant disguised as an old women then stabbed her. Arya jumped in the water and the girl thought she is dead. Shortly, Arya came out and went to seek help.

  13. Sandor’s group was killed

    Sandor heard some noise then as he returned back to the group he found that all of them were killed and that the Septon was hung. He took his ax then left.

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