Event Summary: Google Core Search Algorithm Update 8th January 2016

Alex Williams
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  1. Drastic Fluctuations happened in 2016

    Webmasters noticed drastic fluctuations in search engine rankings in January, in 2016. The fluctuation keeps on taking place for several days, which was also confirmed by SEO experts.

  2. Google confirmed a Core Algorithm Update

    The senior Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google ‘Garry Illyes’ and ‘John Mueller’ confirmed that a core algorithm update had been made for its search engine.

  3. It is not a penguin update

    Some webmasters speculated on the update that was launched. Those webmasters claimed that the update is related to penguins. However, a Google spokesman utterly disagreed with the statement and informed it is not related to penguin anyhow.

  4. Webmasters believed it is connected to Panda

    Some Webmasters and SEO experts believe that the latest update was a quality update that has some kind of connection to Google panda. (See Why is SEO important to a business?)

  5. Panda is a now core ranking signal

    People were also informed and start noticing that Panda became a core ranking signal. Furthermore, no more panda announcements were made.

  6. Massive effect

    Just after the launch of this update, webmasters witnessed an abrupt increase or decrease in Google traffic. (See Why Amp pages are good for your site?)

  7. Google said it’s not Panda

    After a while, one of the senior webmasters of Google said that the latest update has nothing to do with Panda or any other animal.

  8. Panda is still not real time

    Garry Illyes also informed people that Panda is a core ranking signal but still does not run real-time. However, people misunderstood when they believed that Panda is now real-time.

  9. No final word

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