Why is SEO important to a business?

Is SEO Important for Every Business? What is the Importance of SEO for Your Business?

  1. Once proper SEO is done your pages will rank well and you will get free organic traffic everyday. There is no marketing method that can bring consistent daily traffic without exerting any effort.

  2. Traffic is very consistent

    Search engine traffic is usually very consistent, unless a major algorithm update takes place. The fact that almost the same number of visitors arrive to a site every day can ease profit projections and provide an idea about the future of the business.

  3. Filters out the wrong people

    SEO allows your site to reach almost everyone through search queries. After some time, the ones who are not interested in your businesses will stop visiting your sites while the ones you are interesting will keep coming back.

  4. It’s usually the major source of traffic a website gets

    According to many surveys most websites get the majority of their traffic from search engines. Search engine traffic is a huge source of traffic that your business can’t stand to lose.

  5. It increases trust

    Most people believe that a site that shows in the top 10 results of a search engine is more trust worthy than a site that doesn’t. When people see your website ranking well, they will trust it even more. (See Methods for increasing client conversion online)

  6. Done once works forever

    With the exception of the major updates that happen a few times a year, SEO can be done once and results can remain for very long periods of time. SEO is an ongoing process but once the basics are done right, a site can rank well for years.

  7. Because all people use search engines

    All people use search engines to locate what they are looking for. If your business doesn’t rank well, there is a very big chance that people will find other businesses through search engines and spend their money there instead. (See Why Amp pages are good for your site?)

  8. SEO promotes a stronger Brand

    A brand is the way a customer sees a company in his mind. When a brand ranks well in search engines, the customer believes it’s more popular, authentic and trustworthy.

  9. The right people are more likely to visit your site

    Facebook marketing is great, but a person browsing Facebook might never be interested in buying your product as much as a person who is activity searching for similar products using search engines. This is why SEO has very high ROI.

  10. You will gaon very deep insight about your customers

    Tools, such as Google Analytics, can show you what your customers search in order to land on your site, the keywords that interest them the most and many more things that can help you improve your business greatly.

  11. Search engines are very less likely to die

    SEO will become useless when Google, Microsoft and all other major players disappear. This is of course a very unlikely scenario.

  12. It increases sales

    Customers are very likely to use their credit cards on sites that appear on the top of search results. The fact that sites that rank well look more trustworthy increases sales for those who make it to the top.

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