Differences between Chris and Jill – Resident Evil Remastered

Resident Evil: Why Jill Is The Better Main Character (Chris)? Differences between Chris and Jill in Resident Evil Remastered
  1. Item carrying capacity

    Chris can only carry 6 items, while Jill can carry 8 items. This doesn’t include defensive items nor the unique item to each character such as Chris’ lighter.

  2. Strength and endurance

    Chris has a bigger health, he runs faster and is better at aiming at zombies. Jill’s health runs out faster and she runs slower.

  3. Different special items

    Each character has a unique item that they come with. Jill has a lock-pick that allows her to unlock simple locks, whereas Chris has to find an old key for each door. Chris has a lighter as his special item.

  4. Differences in story

    There are slight differences in the stories of both Characters. Jill is supported by Barry in some situations where Chris gets Rebecca’s support. This results in different cut-scenes or each character. Generally Chris gets less assistance than Jill.

  5. Different defensive weapons

    Chris has an additional weapon, the flash grenade, which is used for last resort defense. Chris might find flash grenades to use them as they are not infinite. Jill on the other hand has a stun-gun which can deal lots of damage to enemies. (See Why Resident Evil HD Remaster is a good game?)

  6. Different weapons

    While Jill gets access to the grenade launcher, she can’t get the flamethrower. Chris, on the other hand, can get the flamethrower but can’t get access to the grenade launcher.

  7. Jill gets the shotgun easier

    Because Barry helps Jill with the shotgun puzzle, she is able to get the shotgun without finding the broken shotgun first. (See Why Resident Evil 7 is very scary?)

  8. It’s easier to play with Jill

    The game is generally easier to play with Jill because of Barry’s support and the fact that she doesn’t have to go back and forth to the item box because of her item carrying capacity. In addition to that, the lock-pick she has makes things much easier.

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