Can Cows Swim?

Do cows drown in water? There has been enough evidence to prove that cows actually love the waters and enjoy submerging their bodies in the water.
Can Cows Swim?
  1. The Great Swimmers of Animal kingdom

    We all know that fish are brilliant swimmers, and so are turtles, geese, crocodiles, otters, and ducks. But did you know that several other creatures in the animal world too are good at swimming? These include polar bears as well as cows! If you know people who work with cattle, ask them how strong of a swimmer the cows are. You will be surprised by the answer. Many cows can even swim just like humans. From their massive contribution to dairy production to their four tummies and their splendid swimming capabilities, cows are indeed a fascinating species of animals.

  2. Swimming Cows Making Headlines

    There have been cases where cows swam through bodies of water as their usual farming practices. For example, Ireland houses a herd of cattle that swims through a colossal lake every year for grazing. Ranchers lead them to an almost 100 meters (330 feet) long swim during the summers. In 2019, there was news of three cows crossing close to five miles of the Atlantic ocean. When Cedar Island was hit by Hurrican Dorian in September 2019, cows were swept up in an unexpected and sudden deluge.

    They were later found to be happily grazing on the fields of Outer Banks in North Carolina. As per officials, these cows must have swum across one island to the other during the storm.

  3. Cows are Not Alone in This

    In the animal world, it is not just the cows who can swim well. Did you know that even pigs, sheep as well as cats are known to be strong swimmers? Even though cats hate waters, they can swim when needed. Pigs love the waters so much that you can see them swimming at the Pig Beach, their own coastline in the Bahamas! Some huge mammals are great swimmers as well. One classic example would be elephants.

    As per experts, the trunk of an elephant has evolved as its natural snorkel. They can swim up to 50 kilometres (30 miles) at one time. Animals that love to stay on the dry land are giraffes and the closest relative of humanity, the chimpanzees. Even though there isn’t much evidence, but most experts believe that giraffes cannot swim. (See Do Cows Really Have Four Stomachs?)

  4. Cows Love to Swim!

    There has been enough evidence to prove that cows actually love the waters and enjoy submerging their bodies in water to avoid biting insects and to keep themselves cool. Typically, cattle swim naturally only when they need to reach a specific destination. If there is no pond, river, or lake nearby, cows would actually make do with whatever water they find. The dairy cows, for example, often make brilliant use of water troughs for cooling off on warmer days.

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