12 Reasons Angry Birds Is So Successful & Popular

Why Angry Birds is so successful and popular? What is it about Angry Birds that made it so popular?
  1. Very simple to learn

    Games that are easier to learn are more likely to become popular. Angry birds can be learned in seconds with almost no instructions no matter what the age of the player is. This led to wide adoption of the game across different age ranges.

  2. Builds up frustration the right way

    Most games use frustration to keep people hooked. For example Tetris keeps people playing by always introducing shapes that make their structure uneven. Angry birds frustrates users in seconds by displaying the annoying pigs.

  3. Release of anger and tension

    Angry birds is one of the games that allows the release of anger and tension in a subtle way. So many people unconsciously feel like playing the game when they experience a little bit of anger that needs to be released. By smashing structures and killing pigs, people can get a quick relief.

  4. Interesting looking characters

    The characters of angry birds look very interesting to the extent that the franchise extended to include cartoons and toys. People get emotional, no matter how rational they seem to be and interesting looking characters always intensify the emotional connection to a game.

  5. The design of the pigs

    The pigs were designed to frustrate players and make them eager to kill them. The fact that it’s not always easy to kill the pigs makes the game even more frustrating. This frustration keep people playing and easily addicts them.

  6. Novel character design

    Games that have novel elements are more likely to catch attention since the human mind filters noise and repetition. The characters of the game are very novel, yes they are birds but they don’t have a body. They have big eyes and interesting looking faces.

  7. Hard to master

    The game is very simple to learn but very hard to master. A combination that has made so many games, such as Flappy bird, instantly addictive. People learn fast, but keep playing for long periods of time because they can’t completely master the game. (See Why Online Games are addictive?)

  8. Complexity is increased slowly

    With each level, the complexity is increased and this keeps people hooked. Had the game started with a higher level of complexity it might have not have been that successful.

  9. Clever response time management

    A few seconds pass after the bird flies in the air and before the next game starts. While a short response time is usually better, the response time in angry birds helps people rethink their strategies and adjust it in the next attempt.

  10. Manipulating short term memory

    Because Players are only allowed to see the structure holding the pigs for seconds before the screen moves, the short term memory of the player is usually wiped fast and the player finds it harder to aim at the right place. The sounds the birds make helps distract the player even more.

  11. Sounds reinforce the right emotions

    When a player misses the pigs, their annoying images are displayed while they make very annoying sounds. These sounds frustrate the players even more and motivates them to restart the level and kill the pigs.

  12. Interesting colors

    The game has bright and interesting colors. Kids find those colors appealing while adults find them soothing as they allow them to escape from the real stressful world. (See Why are bright colors eye-catching?)

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