Why Some Women Love Womanizers?

Alex Williams
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  1. The charming presence of womanizers

  2. Players usually know what a woman wants to hear

    Womanizers have a powerful knowledge of the female nature. They know when to compliment a woman, know what to say, when to say it, and know how to make a woman want to hear more from them.

  3. Most womanizers are alpha males

    Studies show that most women find the alpha male more attractive than most other men. Players are usually attractive and exude a superior level of self-confidence. Psychologists say that women who feel insecure usually get more attracted to alpha males.

  4. They master the art of manipulation

    The sneaky strategy a womanizer follows makes women feel special and exclusive. A womanizers’ tricks are used to conquer the woman emotionally and physically. Womanizers also use endless amounts of mind games to manipulate their lovers so that they don’t leave.

  5. Women find the ‘Casanova’ type more interesting

    Regardless of how many times they have their hearts broken, some women cannot let go of the idea of a womanizing partner. Most women believe that players make the most charming mates. Those women might compete with one another to secure this man’s companionship.

  6. When in love, women are risk takers

    Some women are risk takers. They like the idea of being with a man whom they might lose at any point of time. By being with a man who is known for his habit to look for other women, a woman can get more thrill out of the relationship.

  7. The tendency to fix the womanizer

    Some women, especially those of a player father, love the idea of fixing men. It makes them feel unique. Some women find the idea of taming the bad boy and turning him into a loyal partner very attractive.

  8. Some women look for drama to spice up their lives

    Women want interesting stories to tell, which is why some women chase womanizers so that they get a thrilling relationship. Because womanizers are usually mysterious and unpredictable, they spark women’s curiosity and excitement.

  9. Due to the strong sexual appeal a womanizer has

    Womanizers usually understand what women find attractive. They usually seem more attractive than the average male, and as a result, women get more attracted to them. (See How to tell if a woman has high testosterone?)

  10. Commitment-phobes might date a womanizer

    Women who fear commitment might feel like dating a womanizer because they don’t want to settle on the unconscious level. By dating someone who is less likely to settle, the commitment-phobe woman can feel better about herself.

  11. They are hard to get

    According to psychologists, a scarce resource is perceived to be much more valuable than an abundant resource, and the same applies to dating. Because womanizers are usually hard to get and not emotionally available, they seem more attractive.

  12. Women find men more attractive when they are accompained by other women

    In one study, it was shown that women found a man to be much more attractive when he was with other women than when he was alone. Because women believe that a man who is surrounded by other women is more valuable, they find him more attractive. (See What do women find attractive in men?)

  13. Popularity is one of the things that turn women on

    According to psychologists, most women want to date resourceful men. Psychologists agreed that popularity is considered one of those resources. By dating a popular man, a woman can make sure she will improve her social connections in life.

  14. Women dislike needy guys

    Many studies have shown that women get turned off by needy men. Because womanizers are anything but needy, they appear much more attractive to women than ordinary men.

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