Why some people never use emojis?

What does it mean if you don’t use a lot of Emojis? | Why some people never use emojis?
  1. They are not emotional

    People who use emojis are usually more emotional and emotionally expressive than those who don’t. People who don’t use emojis might be less emotional than those who do. (See 20 Signs That You Are Emotionally Sensitive)

  2. They don’t trust people easily

    According to psychologists, people who don’t trust others easily might find it hard to use emojis since they make them feel exposed. Emojis allow people to express themselves, and so those with trust problems might not feel comfortable exposing themselves using emojis.

  3. They are cold

    People who are cold or who don’t show many emotions in real life might never use emojis in their chats. This habit is just a reflection of their true personalities.

  4. They are insensitive

    People who are not emotionally sensitive might use few or almost no emojis while chatting. In such a case, those people don’t get too emotional while messaging, and so they don’t feel like using emojis.

  5. They have less empathy

    People who don’t have high levels of empathy might not use emojis while chatting. Emojis, in many cases, are used as a tool to empathize with others and confirm their feelings.

  6. To seem serious

    Some people don’t use emojis to seem more serious. Those people might want to give the impression to others that they are serious people.

  7. They have high levels of testosterone

    High levels of testosterone can result in lower use of emojis. High testosterone levels can make people less friendly and emotional. (See How does it feel like to have high levels of testosterone?)

  8. To seem masculine

    Some men don’t use emojis because they consider them feminine. Those men might never use emojis to appear masculine and strong.

  9. They consider them childish

    Some people don’t use emojis because they consider them childish. Some people might never use emojis to seem more mature.

  1. People who use emoji, simply because they do not know how to write, lazy or both. Nothing to do with emotional. Just an excuse.

  2. I believe it is so much cooler to respond with emoji than with words.
    You need more empathy to spend time writing than just looking for a emoji, don’t you?
    This article seems a bit confused.

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