Why some people don’t like movies?

Why do some people hate movies? Why don’t I like watching movies?
  1. They have short attention spans

    Some people dislike movies as they find it hard to concentrate while watching a film because they have short attention spans. (See How to Improve Your Attention Span?)

  2. They find it too time-consuming

    You have to spare time, at least 2 hours (on average), to watch a movie. Some people find it too time-consuming because of their hectic schedule or their priorities.

  3. They don’t like movie theatres

    Some people hate movie theatres as they are claustrophobic and find themselves trapped inside the theatres.

  4. They grew out of it

    Some people have watched so many movies in their life that they are now done watching them. So, by the time they get older, they want to spend their time doing other things rather than watching films.

  5. They find it boring

    Movies do not entice some people, and they do not watch it, as they find it dull for sitting for such a long time, that too silent.

  6. They are from religious backgrounds and find it immoral

    Some people are from religious backgrounds and are not allowed to watch movies. As their family thinks that the films promote specific values that religious people are against.

  7. They prefer other recreational activities

    They would not watch movies and would prefer to spend their time doing other recreational activities such as playing table tennis, cricket, or playing other games virtually. (See Why some people prefer Books over Movies?)

  8. They would instead do something productive

    Some people do not want to kill their time by watching movies. Instead, they will spend some quality time with their parents or maybe learn a foreign language.

  9. They don’t like the values that are being promoted in movies

    Some people feel that movies today promote immoral values due to which it gets widespread in society, such as nudity, violence, and gore. As movies inspire people, especially youths, to do the same as what they saw in the films.

  10. They prefer books

    Some people find reading books more entertaining and productive rather than watching movies. They believe that books tend to stimulate their imagination and creativity more than film.

  11. They don’t like fictional

    Some people do not like fictional stories. They would rather watch something realistic. Although some movies are based on real incidents, they still it does not appeal to them. The only reason is that they are still movies, are only based on it, but not entirely true.

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