Why some people don’t like Game of Thrones?

Top Reasons Why Many People Absolutely Hate Game of Thrones | Why some people don’t like Game of Thrones?
  1. Slow events makes it boring for impatient people

    Some impatient people who seek thrill find game of thrones boring because the events are sometimes a bit slow. (See Why are some people impatient?)

  2. Too much information

    Characters come and exit the series so fast, which makes it hard to keep track of what’s going on. In the TV show, the first character the viewer is introduced to in Episode 1 dies within 5 minutes.

  3. Too many characters

    Game of Thrones has so many characters. Some people get lost because of the large number of characters involved.

  4. Not a family show

    Most fantasy TV shows such as Hercules or Xena the Warrior Princess are suited for children who are big fans of fantasy worlds. Game of Thrones makes no such effort, completely ignoring the young audience. This makes it impossible for the entire family to enjoy the show together.

  5. Sexual violence and incest

    The show often portrays graphic sexual violence and incest, which is enough to turn most people off. The viewers feel very vulnerable and are in discomfort when exposed to such scenes.

  6. Shocking gore

    Characters don’t just die. They get mutilated, suffer and die the worst deaths imaginable. This is very upsetting to most people who might be permanently turned off from further episodes just to avoid exposure to such graphical deaths. (See Why Game of Thrones is boring?)

  7. Relies on shock effect

    The series relies heavily upon shock effect to keep audiences engaged. This is considered a cheap trick to cover up the lack of solid narrative content. It seems easier to kill a character gruesomely than to develop his personality and story.

  8. No serious action

    While Game of Thrones is full of events it lacks serious action such as wars and sword fights even though it promises them.

  9. Most good people die

    Some people hate the fact that whenever they get attached to a character that character dies.

  10. Passionate fans are pushy

    When a person dislikes something then finds other people pushing him to try it, he can easily hate that thing even more. The passionate fans of game of thrones can sometimes be very pushy.

  11. Low fantasy setting

    The fantastical world of Game of Thrones is described as a low magic world where politics dominate the story. This focus on the politics is too large for some viewers as they are expecting a different world that takes their mind off the real one.

  12. It forces itself into people’s lives

    A person can hardly spend a day online without coming across anything related to game of thrones. The fact that game of thrones forces itself into people’s lives can be very annoying, especially to the ones who are not fans of it.

  13. Low escapement value

    Game of Thrones markets itself as fantasy, and fantasy is a tool for escaping from real-world troubles. Some people might be disappointed to see that their escape media is ‘transporting’ them into a bleaker world where feelings of discomfort and fear are a constant.

  14. Extremely high expectations

    Because almost all fans keep raising the expectations of their friends, some people get disappointed when they watch Game of Thrones. The problem with very high expectations is that they require a very significant amount of arousal to be justified.

  15. It shows signs of a fad

    The popularity of the Game of Thrones TV show exploded overnight. In a short amount of time everybody started watching it, including people who never found fantasy appealing or read any of the books.

  16. Inappropriate mention of religion

    Religious people might not like game of thrones as the characters make so many offensive remarks about Gods and believers.

  17. It keeps frustrating people

    The show keeps frustrating people with the horrible deeds of some bad people. For so many episodes the bad people usually keep winning, and as a result, the frustration keeps increasing without allowing people to vent properly.

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  1. This seems to be written by someone who’s never watched the show in its entirety or simply hate it for the sake of hating it. Almost NONE of the above is correct. The only reason I could think of why some people are struggling with the show, is the too much information, places, names, events. Those people are used to watch linear storytelling with good vs bad guy.

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